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___i'll be the jack of all trades ' '...{{<3}} you be the master of none______--++
I finished NaNoWriMo. WUT.

no, just OMFG. Seriously. I haven't updated since I came to University. And holy ********. I've pretty much been having the time of my life. Regardless of the fact that I'm supposed to studying and working on my homework. BUT ******** THAT YOLO or some s**t. Actually, no I'm joking. I am studying very hard since I'm still kinda not really sleeping but that just means I have more time in a day.

As the title says. I managed to finish NaNoWriMo in 3 days this year. Not just that. I've so far managed over 100k on the story I've been writing and another 30k on a fanfiction because pokemon y/x THE FEELS #FEELS I CAN'T #NO
I love the fact that this is my 5th year straight doing NaNoWriMo and this time I just destroyed my old records. I think the furthest I'd gone in a month is 40k. In an entire month. I look back now and I cringe. How is it that this year I just demolished it. I wrote in 3 days what I couldn't in a month and I'm still going. I don't even like where this story is going.

I also have to point out I think I managed it this year primarily because I was procrastinating on my Philosophy essay. I thought it was due on the 7th and I told myself I would finish it on my break, lol no hahaha I make myself laugh I decided instead a story must be written and needed to be done the last few days of my break no matter the consequence. More giggles because I forgot it was even November. I had a really good idea, okay?

I'm very happy with University. My classes could stand to be a little smaller. I mean 200+ students in a single room makes it very difficult to learn anything. So far its okay. I'm doing fairly well in my studies, not as well as I'd like but it is a new environment and the pacing is very different from College so there is some getting used to. I mean, there are sixty people on my floor. I know the vast majority. I've conceded to the fact that there are some I will never know BUT I like my floor regardless of the fact that almost everyone is pretty much a year to 5 years younger than I am. I'm on an upper year floor so guess how that makes me feel! Pretty good, I like struttin' my age around.

I'm on the 10th floor (top) of the second largest residence building on campus. I have a BEAUTIFUL view. At this point I wouldn't give it up at gun point because I've just fallen in love with everything here.
In University, I've gone to my first concert. I've gone to some pretty cool open mic karaoke nights, I go out pretty often, I've gone to my first NHL game courtesy of Reality Fallacy, I've gone to a convention, once again thanks to RF. Like, how awesome right?
I go on daily walks, I've lost weight, I eat pretty well and I'm fairly happy right now. I think I'm the first person who went to University and gained a better lifestyle than what they had at home. That's pretty sad. Forget I said that.

I was going to do my Halloween Game reviews this year but the only game I was going to talk about was the indie game Outlast which is phenomenal and if you have a strong stomach I highly recommend it because omg I lovelovelove it.

On the other hand, I didn't do it this year because I was so excited by Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Which in trailers and screenshots looked like it would be the most terrifying thing on the entire planet.

And then it wasn't. It's extremely uncommon for me to be disappointed by a game this much. It just doesn't happen. I can usually appreciate what a game has to offer. I even liked maybe one part of Knights of Ratatosk. A Machine for Pigs was, well... Not what I had expected. Nor did I like it. When following an act like The Dark Descent, it's not just environment that makes a good horror game. After about halfway through the game, I had pretty much just given up on experiencing the absolute terror I had in the original. It felt a lot more like I was reading a scary novel in a haunted house. I didn't mind the game being so text heavy. I enjoyed it but the environment never actually harmed me. Ever. As opposed to DD when you walked down a gooey hallway of darkness and suddenly horrible gooey goo starts slapping you like you're its b***h and you scream.

The game just wasn't what I wanted and I didn't enjoy it. This caused me to not do days to Halloween review.

I had another point to this whole debacle but hahaha story got in the way. And since I have class, i better get my a** moving.

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commentCommented on: Fri Nov 08, 2013 @ 05:15am

I have missed you so much these last few weeks and with you sending us all these lovely presents and notes and just the general idea that you're thinking about all of us makes me smile like no tomorrow.

I honestly cannot stop being so happy about the things you've sent us. But honestly cut it out. I mean you're a starving university student so act like one. I still love you though.

Today, with the new vlog you posted, I feel very happy that you've broken out of your shell. A lot less of the old you is showing. It makes me happy that this far in the semester, you're still doing alright... Besides the whole thing that happened with the history hike. I mean that could've been different. What gets me though is that you still think really dumb things some days.
That one part where you said "I imagine dying isn't fun. I honestly thought I was going to die, but landing and staring at the ground I honestly thought I did die, there was a moment where I thought 'Wow, dying really doesn't hurt.' And I kind of waited for the out of body experience and then I realized, well s**t I'm not dead. I worried for nothing."

I write that here so I make sure you see what's wrong. I don't think you realize what a bad hit that would've been if you died. I can't say it anymore frankly. Oh. My. God. Stop it. Stop almost dying at least once a year because I swear you're luck will run out and you're going to die and I will flip my s**t, I'll find you in the underworld and drag your a** back here so I can kill you again. This is the 3rd year in a row where you 'almost died' and frankly I'm sick of it. Why the hell couldn't you be a normal person and sit and play video games. I swear I'd love you all the same.

I digress. Thank you so much for sending your NaNoWriMo script to me so readily. If you ask me it could use some more Heineken, if you know what I mean, but I do like it. I espeacially loved the beginning. Oh, you're love for Nivans is showing again. Sniper rifles? -HEAVY OVER DRAMATIC SIGH-

Just FYI from a good friend, you need to finish that ONE story. Like that story you started over 11 years ago. It needs to be done! Don't tempt me with half a draft and never update again! D;

There is much I want to write but little time, night shift baby. smilies/icon_wink.gif I'm coming back tomorrow for vlog part 2 so it better be up. Or else. I'll sic my husband on you.

Matt is absolutely right though. What do you do at Uni exactly? It seems to be a lot of stuff that doesn't involve any actual work.

commentCommented on: Sat Nov 09, 2013 @ 07:19pm
Bell, this is why I love you. It's because you equally love me and hate me and criticize me and praise me. What more could I possibly want from a friend? I could use more love though, because according to your status YOU'D RATHER BE DEAD THAN BE SEEN WITH ME.
Love. We has it.

Last night I did post a newer vlog if you want to check that out because it updates my schedule for the next 6 months. We could check if you want to come down or I rob a bank and go up. Like, I think we'll figure this out. I also have this sinking feeling that you're husband is plotting revenge on me for something I did almost a decade ago and I find myself looking behind myself pretty often. If Yoshi is out of town and I go missing the following day. He killed me. Guaranteed, you have to promise me you'll look in the trunk.

We both say profoundly stupid things. It's why we're friends. This is how s**t works. I won't say that falling through a wooden bridge was an eye opening experience because it wasn't. It's true, this is the 3rd year in a row where I've almost killed myself. My luck probably will run out, I have a suspicion that when I die it will probably be a sudden and gruesome death.

I feel pretentious when I say this out loud and when I type it but I'm not afraid of dying because I've had so many close calls, including when I was much younger and I suffered things that should have left me 6 feet under and yet I'm still here. There are people I've known in the same circumstances and they weren't so lucky, so forgive me for being blase about the whole debacle. I still hold the fact that I'm probably the luckiest person on this side of the planet, instead of winning lotteries or some s**t, I have a drunk guardian angel that just forgets I'm there and then remembers me as I plummet to my death.

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