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ok, I just came back from my first training shift ;l

I feel the need to write about it, so I get to see how my first impressions of everyone changed when I re-read this, since I met a lot of new people.

the training itself was really boring,
basically , all they did was explain some crap that I already read online cause I'm actually organized somewhat,

and then we had to fill out a quiz, that I also did in advance.

So, basically I was just there scribbling on the 'note' paper they had given us. :l

Out of the people I met, Jen seemed the coolest. She's from like, Argentina(?)
and she lived in China and stuff, and she actually talked to me a lot

Most of the bitches didn't even talk to me cause I guess I wasn't their style,
they all seemed pretty preppy and boring, but they were all pretty, at least c: ..

This one girl, Ange, is pretty old, well, shes only like 27 but she acts like she's 40.
She seems like the kind who likes to exclude herself from us "children"
All her interjections (aka interuptions) were really lame jokes that no one cared about....

ONE of the staff members though, works at GAME STOP and im like omg;
If I don't get a perm. job at the tea place, I'm TOTALLY gonna try to get her to hook me up with a job at Game Stop.

Omg I would actually die like ;-;

I applied to one once in Ontario, and they basically threw out my resume.
They gave me that "do you even play games?" elitist look, urgh.
Some people there are just such jerks.

That's partly why I want to work there so much, cause I wont undermine anyone
regardless of gender, age , sexuality, style.
I feel like most of the employees at their locations that I've experienced do, sadly

But anyways, moving back to the interview,
we got two free teas c:

The first I got is one of my usuals/favourites ; Pink Lemonade rooibos
but the second time I was /adventurous/ and got a tea latte for the first time ,
it was actually so good, It was gingerbread flavoured !

The girl didn't steep it as much as I would have , because I like my teas kind of strong, but it was still realllly good for a first tea latte ~

Being as it is just seasonal, I already feel pressure to find another job, and it sucks :c
I wish I could just work there forever booo ~

They usually pick like 1-2 staff to stay around for long-term , but...
EVERY single seasonal staff was like 'omg im gonna try my hardest to be chosen'
sooo... I don't think my chances are very high -.-

Ohwell, still gonna try for gamestop aswell.
gonna get close to that worker c; and then brainwash her.

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