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Here I Am
It's been over a year since I opened my eyes... Hm.. where to begin the explanation of where I am?

"How about the beginning?"

... Alright. Sure, but that's my last year of high school. But let's not get stupid with it.

I began my senior when I was broken up with. Apparently it was some tragedy or whatever, and I found someone to call my best friend. Her name was Jennifer. However, it was less than a month when Jen dated. We didn't really hang out anymore because of her new boyfriend, and when we did hang out her boyfriend came along. I just wanted her, which was selfish of me because I should have thought of her, but I was told by my friend that she was also being selfish too. I'll let someone else decide that. That is the past and nothing more.
Anyway... I quit her. I considered her a friend, but she was not my best friend anymore. (Lesson of that: Fall Out Boy was the only friend I could trust over almost anyone that went to my high school.)

In the mist of a it all, I met a wonderful person, who by amazing chance, became my best friend. Her name is Bryanna. She restored my small faith in human society. She was the reason I believed in friendship again. Needless to say that she and I know pretty much everything about each other and we burrito each other. (Lesson of that: Things happen when they are supposed to not when you want them to.)

It's through her that I fell in love with someone from my past all over again.(the boy I speak of is mentioned in the poem PLEASE in my journal.) And that is something I dare not overstep... although she has dibbs. (Lesson of that: watch your back even around your friends.) Don't worry I'm pretty sure I'll prevail some day haha.

After that, I learned of a lovely site known as Wattpad. It helped me when I needed a good story to read. It also helped me to remind me that everything will be okay. (Lesson of that: Reading is good once in a while)

Not very much happened after that. My life became stable and the same. I graduate high school, burnt a bunch of drama queens off my friends list, and started working towards my new goal. (Lesson of that: Life is what you make it.)

Where am I now?

Well, one step ahead really. I don't have haters anymore. I have a good life that is drama free. I am still single, but I'm not sad about it. I still get on Gaia and read Wattpad. I go to University. And I have plenty of money for my goal in the back. (or at least I think I do.)

So there. I am single. I am moving forward. I am leaving. But I am not growing. I'm not even growing up now either. ha ha, oh well.

With all that, I leave you the greatest piece of advice: When playing a zombie game, trust no ********* out there! The moment you think they have your back, they're getting eaten and asking you to revive them!

Have a wonderful fifth of November tomorrow if I'm not on.

"Remember, remember the fifth of November."