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Name: Astrid
Age: unknown
Birthday: unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Goddess
Occupation: Sorta like a fairy godmother
Height: 5'3" (approx 160 cm)
Weight: 114.4 lbs (approx 52 kg)

Likes: Unselfishness, sweet pastries and fluffy things.

Dislikes: Darkness, evil, selfish people, having to wake up early every morning and politics

Background story & relations: Astrid doesn't remember much of her past life before she became a guardian angel. All she remembers is a strong feeling of good in her heart and the even stronger feeling to protect her loved ones.

The moment she came to and awoke in the heavens and was floating on a cloud. Her supervisor was standing there with what looked like a notepad. He informed her that she had been resigned a person on earth to guide and guard. For this person would be lost and not be able to get into heaven when her time came.
This person was named Hiroka Yasui. She descended to ground level, at once after she'd gotten enough information from her supervisor. He'd informed that if she'd ever have trouble with her person (he meant Hiroka) or if she had any questions at all. She were to call on him by whispering his name in the ancient language; Vestaal. And he's come to her for her own guidance.

Hiroka and Astrid met in one of the oddest of circumstances. Hiroka had been out drinking with her friend she'd meet at the café she frequently goes too. And somewhere along the evening Hiroka had agreed to try some weed brownies... and got high off her ***. When she was walking home from the bar, Hiroka came upon Astrid. And was sure that she was nothing but a hallucination. Thus the morning after, Hiroka woke up and fell out of her bed when she opened her eyes and saw a white glowing person floating 12 inches over the ground. This was their first actual meeting and Astrid has been following Hiroka around ever since.
The thing is, that Astrid can only be seen by Hiroka, as long as Hiroka doesn't tell others about her. If she were to tell anyone about Astrids presence, they'd automatically be opened and the cloak that hides her, would fade away.

Personality & traits: Very pure at mind and believes that all actions will result if the turnout will be positive or negative in a persons life. Good thinking and good actions will get you good things is Astrids firm motto.
Ability to fly, turn herself invisible and she can also read peoples memories for guardian purposes to help them on their right path to happiness.

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