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Remaining Time
Time ticking away... The hourglass's sands fall silently, joining the rest of what seemed to be wasted grains. The time she had spent improving herself and looking for answers to end her suffering... What she didn't know was her time was nearly up.

Kate was sound asleep within a white room with a tall hourglass standing in the middle. A grain of sand fell from a small pile at the top and joined the rest laying at the bottom. It appeared most of the sand was already on the other side. A light whisper of different voices gave the room an eerie, yet, familiar feeling.

Movements from the girl's eyelids signaled she was finally awakening. Slowly lifting up, her silver eyes viewed the endless loop of space ahead of her. Her head felt as if something was screaming. However, her dazed appearance ignored the pain.

"What..." With her arms stretching from the ground, she lifted her body up to a sitting position. "Where..." Her head turned back and forth in different directions until she had spotted the sandglass nearby. "What's this?"

"This symbolizes your life, child," a woman's voice said, echoing throughout the room.

Suddenly, a woman with curled white hair in the front and a long black dress stood with her back leaning against the glass. One would think she was older due to her hair color, however, she looked to be in her twenties.

"Seems you don't have much time left, however."

"Witchy... What are you- My life?" Kate asked.

"Of course. Why else would this thing be standing here?" She turned to face the hourglass and placed one hand on its surface. "This has always been here ever since our contract started. I'm surprised you're just realizing it now."


The mage seemed lost still. The object indeed felt familiar but, her confused state prevented her from thinking clearly. The voices in the room grew louder, overlapping each other as if there was multiple conversations going on. They were all coming from one source.

"Those voices..."

The woman turned her head over towards her. "Hm?"

Kate stood up from her spot and started slowly walking over to the sandglass. It was as if she was in some sort of trance. Her hand reached for the bottom portion of sand. "They're all calling..."

"Ooooh." The witch removed her hand from the glass and placed both on her hips. "All those grains below represent your past after the contract. If you're hearing voices, they're from whoever you've met."

The dark blue haired girl placed her hand on the hourglass. Her eyes were transfixed to it. A small smile grew as she could hear the voices of her past. Though none brought her search any closer, they were all too precious to her. From a miserable start, it grew into a much warmer feeling as if the flame of hope lit again. From meeting new friends, to even a feeling as she grew older that she didn't want to express as long as Witchy was still around.

The woman could only grit her teeth as she watched her. "All wasted time, in my opinion..."

"It's not," she disagreed, her eyes gazing at her as if the spell had been broken. "Even if I didn't find my answer to ending our contract yet, I would never trade these memories for it."

The witch's hands left her hips and hanged, clutched by her sides. "Do you not see the sands above?? Whatever you do will depend on how much time you have left. You constantly wasting that magic of your's AND risking your life for your friends only decreases your time! If I had to guess, you have within two years."

"I'll find the answer within that time frame, then." The mage slightly tilted her head at what seemed to be a concerned Witch. "Also, why are you suddenly worried about me?"

Her eyebrow rose as her demeanor changed. "Worried?" A mischievous laugh left her voice as she hugged her sides. Soon, it died down to a frown. Her hazel eyes stared at the ground below her. "Yes... Why am I worried? Maybe it's because I'm conflicted..."


Her head nodded. "I recently gained another piece of my memory. There was a little girl with me apparently before my death. Most of it is still foggy to me but, all I keep hearing is 'Mama'. I'm unsure if it belongs to her, though..."

"Mama?" Her bent index finger gently pressed itself against her bottom lip. "You don't seem to be the motherly type to me."

"Hey! I can act the part!" she argued before realizing that sounded too human to her. Sighing, the witch crossed her arms and tilted her head away. "I won't let this change how I act towards anybody. Not until I see the full memory. Anyway, you should leave this place and do what you need to do. Be careful of your remaining time."

"Umm... Right." Is that memory really bothering her?

Closing her eyes, the voices began to diminish. This way of leaving the room seemed like deja vu to her. As Kate opened her eyes again, she was laying in her bed covered in sweat and a pounding headache. It seemed she had some sort of fever. One that apparently left her body numb and, to her, included a strange dream. More like a delusion.

With some feeling in her left hand, it clenched the bed sheet as tightly as it could. Witchy, are you there?

Yes, child? she replied.

That dream... Was it real?

Dream? There was a long pause before her voice was heard again. I may be able to hear your thoughts but I can't view your dreams. So, no.

Al-Alright... Not too long after her final reply to the witch, the mage closed her eyes once more and fell asleep.

Sorry, child. The sooner you don't remember any of that, the better. I don't need you getting any different thoughts about this wicked witch. However, what you're experiencing is a side effect of our contract getting closer to its conclusion. And there's more to come as your life shortens. Try not to get too comfortable.

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