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Human Nanny - Little Girls Father - Romance

Being a full time nanny at the age of nineteen and only a year out of high school wasn't what Elizabeth had expected from her life. Sure, she had taken child care classes in high school, even had ended up picking child care as her major when she graduated. She hadn't meant to a be a doctor or anything. Maybe a social worker, or something along those line. None the less though, Elizabeth was now a nanny. Well, not exactly yet since this was only a 'trial', but she had basically passed her interview the day before and was on the way to the home with her things.

The interview had been given by the grandmother at a nice restaurant, so who she would be working for she wasn't sure. All she knew was that the father was a rich business man of some sort, and someone was needed to take care of the little girl. It had not been mentioned where the mother was, so it was hard to tell if she was around and just there to waste the money or was just no longer present in the family. Elizabeth didn't really mind which way it went; her focus was on the child.

When the car pulled up to the gates of the two story home, Elizabeth took a calming breath. It was much more than she had expected and she felt herself growing very nervous. Within a few moment the car came to a stop once more, in front of the home this time. Another calming breath and she stepped out the car to get a full look of the home. Before she could take everything in a maid was at her side, interrupting her thoughts. "Miss Evans-" "You can call me Elizabeth," "Your things will be taken inside for you. Let me show you to your room." Elizabeth frowned slightly, noting how the maid had spoke over top of her so easily, and glanced back at her things being unloaded before following the maid inside.

By noon Elizabeth was settled into her room, which was much more than she could ask for and even had a medium sized bathroom attached to it, and had all of her things unpacked. Sitting herself down on the edge of the bed, she realized all that was left to do was wait to meet the parents, or parent, and the little girl. As if on cue, there was a slight knock on her door before it was swung open.

[[Please, do be around Elizabeth's age (mid-late twenties). I will play the role of the little girl (unless you want to). All you have to do is supply the little girls name and looks.]]