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The Ramblings of a Lonely Crazy Person
Its so nice to have clean clothing again. I can take a shower now and not have to hold my breath to put on a shirt. Yay smilies/icon_whee.gif

This week was rather uneventful. The jehovah witnesses didn't come, so I got to avoid that headache this week. Hmm... What else to talk about....

Lets see, the colder weather makes me want to play console games again. I've been playing on my computer for the past few months. The room the computer is in can be kept cooler than the rest of the house so I've been trying to stay in here to avoid the heat. Anywho, I picked up "Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness" to play. I've owned it for a while, and started it several times, but never got to the end. I've never actually finished any pokemon game. They are all so boring. This one is no exception. Same repetitive gameplay. They tried to put a story in there, but its poorly written and just like the television show, the "bad guys" are incompitant morons. Ugg... Would it have killed them to get better writers? I haven't gotten any new pokemon games after I originally got xd, because its always the same and after an hour or two I get bored. The games need a serious update in how things are done. XD does allow for two pokemon from each trainer to battle at once, however it isn't much different than the one on one scheme. All it does is allow the battle to get done faster and for more pokemon to get exp, thereby letting them level up faster. One on one times two. Pick ones for your team that the enemy is weak against and walla! you win. The game has elements from past games in it such as the mini game tower and colosseums and pokespots that allow the catching of a whole nine different wild pokemon, but nothing that really stands out as innovative or different. Its like when they were making it they were terrified of going outside the usual formula or even attempting to add something new. The camera is fixed to a top down viewpoint nearly all the time. Other than a few characters that are important to the awful storyline, the npcs are clones of one another. The pokemon themselves are mostly hideous and they don't f*cking sit still. EVER. They just keep moving it almost seems if they stop they will die or something. There are maybe three or four battle animations per pokemon. It quickly gets dull watching them over and over again. The landscapes are okay from what I can see of them, but because the camera is fixed, I don't get to see much. There are invisible exit/entrance lines and while attempting to explore I have more than once run into them and been sent into the map screen. Speaking of the map screen, going from one place to another gets you a quick player-character-driving-a-scooter scene and then you just appear at that other location. They could have just let the player explore and get from place to place themselves, but I guess we just aren't grown up enough for that. Even though the older games let the player free roam to a certain extent. Less codling would have been nice. *sigh* I should stop playing the game since it annoys me so much, however I've never finished a pokemon game before and I am determined to do so. I should give up on this one for yellow. It has a better story line and it doesn't baby the player, but the tiny screen drives me crazy. So, I will continue even though it seems like my brain cells die when I play this one. Eventually I will finish it and then I shall use it for target practice! smilies/icon_twisted.gif

The friend I mentioned last week has gone deeper into whatever has happened to make him less rational. He has now said that the government is going to put everyone in consentration camps. Not only is that highly unlikely, it would be very close to impossible to pull off in this day and age. They would need people to do the rounding up of those who would go into such camps, they would need facilities to keep said people, and guards to make sure they stayed. Then there would be the matter of food, waste removal, infrastructure up keep, etc. I told him all of that plus that because everything in America runs off money, and our economy is based on being consumers, the corperations wouldn't allow it because they rely on people buying crap. He said it would happen after the stock market crashes and the dollar is worthless. If that is so, how would anyone get paid for working on such an awful thing and why would they do so without getting paid? It just doesn't make any sense. I have become even more worried about my friend. He has never brought these things up before in the years I've known him. I know he's been stressed lately. Perhaps that is why he's a little off? smilies/icon_neutral.gif I hope he gets better...

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