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Sometimes I just write to get out what I am feeling
11/3/2013 3:37 AM

It has only been one day, but I am starting to feel the pain crash down on me. It hurts like nothing I've ever felt before; a life-draining sort of pain. I awoke to realize I had dreamt of Her. Memories of the dream fading quickly as my eyes opened slowly. It was a dream of me returning to school... A type of dream I have all too often. Probably due to some sort of subconscious guilt I carry for never finishing my last year of high school. In the dream I remember going into my class. I take my seat and can see that it's a computer class of some kind. The teacher is a woman I remember from my childhood. She was never a computer teacher, but the chorus/music teacher from middle school. Next to me sat a girl that has often appeared in my dreams. Her name is Allison. A small, frail girl who I never really had any interest in, yet somehow felt compatible with. I look to my computer screen to get started on my work. Suddenly a Skype call comes in and the ringing from the call is so loud that it startles me. Everyone in the class turns their attention to me. The person on the other end of the Skype call is Her. I quickly answer the call. I see Her appear on the screen and She begins to speak to me. Looking around nervously I scramble to put headphones into my computer and changes the settings on Skype to them. I try, but it doesn't work as things often don't in dreams. I decide to just talk to Her regardless. I felt a sense of longing towards Her even in the dream, and I wasn't about to ignore Her just because of the class. The details of the conversation had escaped my mind too quickly to recall. Then the girl, Allison, turns to me and tells me that she likes my girlfriend. I thank her and look back to the screen. I stare at Her and think to myself that I am so lucky to have Her. My memories fade away and the rest of the dream is lost. I sit in the dark for a long while, thinking about the dream and about Her. I miss Her, even though we just spoke the night before. I miss Her more than words can describe. I close my eyes and images of Her beautiful smiling face enter my mind. I hear Her sweet, soft voice say "I love you, handsome." The sound of Her voice is so soothing, yet tears flow down my face uncontrollably. I tell myself to stay strong. She needs you to be so very strong...

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