I Am Ponygurl
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Dear Diary,

smilies/icon_crying.gif Dally once again told me to go with him to the Drive Ins. We saw The English Patient which wasn't bad or anything but Dallas had to get some socs mad. So basically They jumped us and Dally had to take me to the hospital. What sucks that Dally doesn't know I am actually a girl. To him I am Ponyboy Curtis not Ponygirl Curtis. Ponygirl is my real name but everyone, who is not my family, Thinks I am a boy so I go by Ponyboy. My parents didn't want any Greaser boys to try and seduce me. I thought it was pretty stupid along with my brothers Darry and Sodapop. Even though my parents died a year ago and Darry took Soda and me in as our guardian, no one knows I am a boy but them. smilies/icon_crying.gif
Dally is sitting by my bed in one of those hard hospital chairs looking bored as hell.
" This place is out of it." Dally moans.
" Well what do you expect? It's a hospital" I say in a lower tone I use to sound like a boy. He grabs my patient chart that is on the bedside table
Dally furrows his eye brows and says," Ponyboy it says here that you are female and your name is Ponygirl."
"T-that? W-wow what funny!"
"Ponyboy..." He warns
"Fine!" I sigh Finally breaking out of that low tone, "I am a girl and my real name is Ponygirl."
His reaction surprises me. He burst out laughing.
"I knew it! No one could be that girly without being a queer!" He continues his laughing fit for another minute. I cant wait till Darry Gets to the hospital so he can check me out .smilies/icon_redface.gif