Did I really miss two weeks? Where did the time go?

I had a really, really, REALLY peculiar dream. It was long, and it got progressively scarier as it went on - and it started with me being buried alive, just like that horrible nightmare I had for the first month after Mama died.

The one where ...

Yeah. That one. I don't need to write it down again. I thought I was done with that dream, but I guess I wasn't. Anyway, from there, it got a lot stranger. Ootori-san gave me a coffee bean and I ate it.

Then Shiny found me, and decided to dress me up because she didn't like the gravedigger's clothes that I was suddenly wearing, or something? It made sense at the time. She somehow convinced me to wear a dress. I haven't worn a dress since Mama's funeral. Now what's THAT supposed to mean?

She was also glowing a lot of the time, and had wings. But she disappeared and then I was wandering around a dark castle by the light of the moon (I swear I have not been reading bad romance novels) waiting for a vampire to jump out and eat me or something.

Somewhere in here, the torch I was carrying turned into a lantern. The torch in question had a little skull in it that was burning without fuel - like the one in that Russian story about Baba Yaga - and it kept looking at me. All the time. Only *I* didn't burn up the way the evil stepsisters did.

The next thing I know I'm promising this different glowing silver figure of light that looked an awful lot like Mama that I would do...something...in exchange for getting to wake up. She gives me a cup of coffee, only I'm supposed to give it to the king of this place, so he'll let me go. Which I do. Then there's a big sword fight or something between him and Mori-san Mori-sempai (I WILL GET THAT RIGHT SOME DAY) who is also somehow in my dream.

And then I woke up.

My therapist would've had a field day with this one. I'm apparently lonely and thinking about coffee and clothes too much (go figure) and somehow the light of the moon will save me. I think I'm glad the moon's dark right now, because I don't want to think about that last one, it's giving me chills.

But the really, really strange thing is that when I woke up, I found this little crystal skull in the pocket of my jacket. It looks like what I remember the skull in my lantern looking like. Did somebody drop it in my pocket? Did I get somebody else's jacket after track meet or something - where did it COME from?

Also, more annoyingly, I seem to have burned my hand making arepas. I guess I've been really tired lately or something. And thinking too much about the godawful coffee concoction they're trying out in the dining room - new flavor! Chicory! Only it's NOT CHICORY I swear by all the saints it's licorice or anise or something equally sickly sweet, but COFFEE SHOULDN'T TASTE LIKE THAT so yeah, maybe I've been thinking about coffee too much lately.