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lucy's log
lucy bellamy background
Lucius “Lucy” Bellamy was born on May 11, 1895. His mother was a tramp, making a meager living in Germany. After discovering that she was pregnant, she carelessly resumed with his harmful habits, and even attempted a few abortions, but to no avail. She gave birth to a mentally ill hermaphrodite. She abandoned her child beside an orphanage and was never seen again.

Lucy was then raised in said orphanage by a single caretaker, an Irish/Norman woman named Ms. Bellamy who loved him like her own child, but feared him immensely due to his bitter nature and violent tantrums. Lucy was already showing early signs of paranoid schizophrenia. He was suspicious of everyone and kept to himself. As a result, the other children and caretakers drew back from him, leaving him to become isolated.

At the age ten, a young volunteer came to the orphanage to help out part-time. His name was Tarendra Reba; he was fourteen years old and full of gullible generosity. Tarendra and his parents originated from India; they fled the country, and become gypsies, traveling the Eastern hemisphere. In Germany, Tarendra's parents were arrested, leaving him in the streets at the age four. He was quickly found and taken in by a wealthy couple who raised him as their own. Thankful for the life he's been living, Tarendra wanted to give back; therefore, he did a lot of volunteer work as a teenager.

They met in the cafeteria after Tarendra noticed the lone child not eating. Being new, Tarendra didn’t realize that Lucy’s isolation was his choice and feared for his social development. Naïve, he saw his behavior as a cry for help. After weeks of prodding and catering, Lucy gradually began to trust Tarendra to the point where he actually developed a crush. While at times it was forced, Tarendra would convince Lucy to play games with him, take some risks, the two would watch movies and read books together; Tarendra would have to coddle Lucy whenever he cried about his blanket being taken away.

Unfortunately, after all that, Tarendra did something unspeakable and, out of the blue, never showed up at the orphanage again. After a few days, Lucy’s patience wore thin and he immediately resumed with his bitter, violent tantrums. He repressed all memory of Tarendra, good and bad. He eventually developed abandonment issues as a result of what Tarendra pulled and his caretaker turning him over to an institution for his worsening schizophrenia.

Lucy’s schizophrenia took a turn for the worst at the age seventeen when he admitted to hearing things that nobody else seemed aware of and his delusions started to get out of hand. The voices told him malicious things about himself and those around him, making him all the more paranoid. Fearing for his well-being, Ms. Bellamy turned him over to an institution. The sudden change drove Lucy mad. His roommate was admitted for severe anger management problems which caused him to lash out at Lucy on numerous occasions. On top of that, Lucy was convinced that the institute’s food was poisoned and he refused to eat.

One late night, the voices came back and persuaded Lucy that his roommate was unsafe and should be dealt with, so Lucy incapacitated him in his sleep. Out of hunger and inducement, Lucy turned cannibalistic and attempted to devour his roommate’s flesh. Deemed veritably insane, he was thus sent to an Asylum for treatment. He escaped however, and fled Germany now a wanted man.

Incapable of holding down a job or career, Lucy resorted to thieving and pawning to make a living. He had a lot of potential to be a writer or a musician – given his wild imagination – however his schizophrenia prevented and discouraged him. His writing would turn to gibberish and he often would lose his train of thought; sometimes he couldn’t find it afterwards. He traveled the Eastern hemisphere until he made a pit stop in a Persian town called Toon where he met someone who would change his outlook on life.

There was a young man named Tej, a flamboyant and loyal Indian who had just been fired and desperately needed something to preoccupy his time with. Lucy caught his attention and he offered to be his servant or lackey. Lucy turned down his offer, but the boy followed him and obeyed his every whim regardless. For several months, the two traveled together from that Persian town to Africa’s west coast. Over the course of that time, Tej gradually opened up and started enthusiastically telling Lucy stories about his life.

Tej was born in Northern India during the early 1900’s to a family of only a mother and four siblings – two older, two younger – making him the middle child. As a child, he was taken away from his family. It was a time of slavery and imperialism when Great Britain controlled India; these contributed to his abduction.

Tej was brought to England where he was placed under the care of an odd job Englishman. He worked for the man much like a servant would, but had the benefits of gaining an education as well as experience in traveling, for the Englishman had a soft spot for Tej and insisted on taking him everywhere he went while in search of jobs.

At the age thirteen, Tej’s master landed a job in Africa. He was to partake in transportation along the Congo River, and like always, Tej was brought along. In the Congo, Englishmen practiced hiring cannibals – it was cheap, efficient, and they were diligent – but it backfired horribly in this case. The steamer that they manned had been isolated on the river for months. When the steamer broke down due to poor maintenance, the cannibals revolted.

Many of the crew members were captured, including Tej. He was imprisoned in a makeshift cage where he met a young girl about his age that was in the same situation as him. She too was originally a foreigner who was now a servant to an Englishman. She had been kept out of sight for the majority of the journey along the Congo, explaining why Tej hadn’t seen her before. But she was removed from the prison, and the cannibals proceeded to kill and devour her, within Tej’s range of view. The incident inevitably left a mental scar.

Fortunately, the cannibals’ revolt was suppressed and the few remaining crew members were rescued, including Tej. The survivors were brought back to England where they were ordered to keep the entire event confidential. The heads that owned the transportation company worried about how bad it would be for their business if it got out that they made such a mistake and suffered a high number of casualties. Of course, the survivors were bribed to keep quiet.

Due to the Congo incident, Tej suffers severe symptoms of PTSD, especially survivor’s guilt, when under the right conditions. The incident caused Tej to conclude that he was a self-indulgent bum, because he was a masochist. At least he had the satisfaction of knowing that his pitiful existence would soon come to an end when the cannibals turned on him next. That never happened because the revolt had been suppressed and Tej was rescued, something Tej didn't feel he deserved. The guilt still hangs over his head today, but it's usually combatted by his sense of practicality.

Tej’s master did not survive the incident. Tej had nowhere to go, so the transportation company had him join a troop of transporters that was heading southeast. Along the way, they come across a small boot camp. There the major took interest in Tej, claiming that he saw potential in him, so Tej left the transporting troop to remain at the boot camp as one of the youngest to be enlisted. Almost instantly, he proved his worthiness. He was motivated by the uselessness he felt during the Congo incident, and his masochism helped him surpass many.

Tej became like a son to the major and remained with him for a number of years. Suddenly, war broke out (WWI) and the major, along with some of his finest recruits, left to contribute to it. Tej was instructed to stay behind; the major insisted that he was too valuable to risk and that he should hone his skills for bigger things; more or less, he was concerned about what the mercilessness of war would do to Tej mentally. Ironically, the major died in the field of battle. With nowhere to go again, Tej resumed traveling southeast on his own, all the while taking on various jobs. Eventually he ended up in the bustling town of Toon on the Far East side of Persia where he got a job working in a Persian woman’s shop. That is where he met Lucy.

In Africa, it was agreed that Lucy and Tej would part ways, but they grew on each other. They remained together and made plans to resume traveling. Unfortunately, a stranger pointed out to Lucy that he was completely alone; there was no man named Tej beside him. It dawned on Lucy that Tej was merely a beneficial hallucination that talked him up and made him feel good about himself. However, Lucy couldn’t come to terms with that because Tej seemed tangible enough.

Having no goals of his own at that time, Lucy asked if Tej had any plans. Tej informed him that he actually wanted to return to England where he had been raised. What Lucy doesn’t realize is that Tej is a subconscious rendition of his old childhood friend, Tarendra and he was bent on leading Lucy back to his roots. Having allowed Tej to lead, they end up lost before Lucy realizes they’ve stumbled into Germany, his hometown. Lucy goes on high alert, recalling that he was wanted. Trying to find his way out, he avoids any sign of authority until he finds himself standing in a soup kitchen line, trying to blend in. Upon reaching the front, Lucy thinks the person serving is Tej; it looked like him, albeit a little different. His hair was suddenly tied up, he was dressed differently, and he appeared less burly. Lucy asked who he was pretending to be; this supposed Tej turned out to be Tarendra.

Nearly twenty years later, Lucy and Tarendra reunite. Since Lucy repressed all memory of Tarendra, he can’t pinpoint why he was so infuriated at him, he just knew that he was mad and therefore wasn’t willing to completely trust him again. Nonetheless, Tarendra resumed pampering him, like nothing changed.

While I can’t defend all of Tarendra’s actions, I will point out that Tarendra did not intentionally stop showing up at the orphanage. Shortly after committing said unspeakable act, his parents found out about it. As a result, they had him sent out of state to a boarding school where Tarendra lived from the age fourteen until he was twenty one. At that point in time, Lucy had already been transferred over to the institution, so Tarendra returned only to find out that Lucy wasn’t at the orphanage anymore. While Lucy’s still very bitter as a result of what all happened, his subconscious still longs for Tarendra’s attention, otherwise it wouldn’t have created Tej and led him back to his hometown. Lucy still has feelings for Tarendra, but in fear of getting jilted again, he keeps his distance. Even so, his guard still drops from time to time, allowing them to behave like the best of friends again.

Lucy Bellamy
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