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How do I deal with this?
So Violet and Alex have decided to move to my city, so I guess I will have the misfortune of seeing them more often now. Violet I don't mind so much. It's that disgusting, Quebecois boyfriend of hers, Alex. It bothers me even more, because Thorsten's brother, whom I love dearly, is named Xander, so technically he and Alex have the same name. Absolutely horrifying.
Thankfully they cannot afford the area that Thorsten and I live in, so they will be living in this dirty area. They will blend right in that neighbourhood.
Nonetheless, there is fairly decent public transportation in the city, so nothing is stopping them from leaving their ghetto and going other places. I mean, what if I ran into them at the mall? How embarrassing would that be? The worst would be if Alex saw me and said hi to me in front of people I know. I am horrified by the just thought of this.
I'm just at a loss for words.