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Dear journal,
LOTF: My Epilogue
Ralph made his away along the crowd of boys, keeping his head low. Things have changed a lot over the past few years. Before it happened, Ralph's life used to be normal, him hanging out with his friends and spending quality time with his mother and father. Now, it turned him into an outcast among his own classmates and friends. Ducking to avoid a swinging backpack, Ralph climbed the set of stairs until a pair of hands pulled him backwards, almost losing his balance.
"Hey, what's the big-" Ralph started to say until he stopped short when he realized who it was.
"Long time no see, Ralph."
There, standing before him in flesh and blood, was Jack. Compared to the last time Ralph saw him, it looked like he was a movie star with his red hair cut neatly and his face rid of scars. They weren't the best of friends but was a legend in England about their relationship. Of course, no one knew the real story behind the two boys. Just a few years ago, they and some other boys were stranded on an unknown island with no one but themselves. Fighting to survive on their own, the boys elected Ralph chief for he had been the one to summon them altogether. Jack, being the head choir boy, was sort of like the assistant to Ralph and things went smoothly for a few days. However, a struggle broke out when they began arguing about hunting or being protected while waiting for rescue. Jack left the group, taking his choir boys with him and hunting for meat. He was successful when spearing a pig on the island and roasted it for everyone to eat. While he was hunting, however, the signal fire went out. This caused more arguing until Jack squared off, making his own tribe and manipulating mostly everyone to join it. Their civilized personality vanished after murdering two boys in their crew, Simon and Piggy. Jack went insane, trying to hunt Ralph until a ship finally arrived to rescue them. After all the trouble Jack caused, he was immediately sent to a mental institution for five years, and here he was in Ralph's view.
"It's good to see you again, Jack," Ralph choked out, barely swallowing his fear. What if he tries to kill me here right now? Ralph thought, sweat dotting his face. Was it really a good idea to let him out? Jack narrowed his eyes at Ralph's tone but didn't say anything.
"Yeah, same with you. Thank God they let me out of that madhouse; it was full of maniacs sprouting nonsense about me." He smiled, showing white, evenly lined teeth.
"I'm sure it was because you're the only real maniac there instead of them," Ralph muttered, kicking a stone a few feet away. Hearing this, Jack was stunned into silence. Suddenly he let out an awkward laugh.
"Oh, that was old news, Ralph. Those were sure good times when we were kids, huh?" He nudged Ralph's elbow playfully but was given no response. How could he think it was all a joke? thought Ralph angrily. He whirled onto Jack, who was now giving him a genuine smile. However, his eyes gave away his true feelings. Cold and hard, like ice, Jack might as well have driven daggers into Ralph's mind.
"You killed Piggy and Simon," Ralph said slowly, backing away. "It was not fun, as you might think it was. You committed murder towards people who didn't even do anything to you, yet you laugh at their blood spilling onto the earth. It's surprising they even let you out of that place because you deserve to stay there for eternity." That being said, a silence almost as irritating as a wool sweater settled among them.
"It wasn't me who did it," Jack finally said, facing Ralph. "You think you know what you saw but in truth, you really don't. He is within me Ralph and he's out to get you." He shook his head, a chuckle escaping from his lips like a summer breeze. "I'm just containing him for now so that I don't make the same mistake." With every word, Jack came closer until his body was on one side of Ralph's.
"You're not making sense. Just leave me alone, Jack Merridew," Ralph said forcefully, pushing him away. "I have no intention of doing anything with you ever again." With finality and fear, Ralph climbed the rest of the stairs, pulling the door open and leaving Jack outside. Jack chuckled, a grin now spread across his clean face.
"You'll regret that, Ralph," he said softly, his eyes glimmering with madness. "You don't know what I can do..." [NOTE: All credit for the characters, story plot and book goes to the author himself and I own nothing except for this made-up epilogue. BTW this was my homework assignment and I felt adventurous so I decided to post this up. If I do say so myself, I'd say it's a pretty good job ^^. Also, if you don't know the book, this might confuse you so just a warning.]

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