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the words of a forgotten queen
My king, in your absence the darkness grows
The mind becomes plagued with tortured thoughts
And the heart grows sad with the memories of what it once knew.
Your queen looks to the west, to the setting sun
And knows that tonight, her kings arms will be filled with another.
No tears will she shed, no obscenities shall leave her lips.
She will stand erect and proud, and accept what shall come to pass.

So, capture them with your hypnotic words
And dazzle them with your ever present charm.
Consume them as if they were a rich red wine of the sweetest taste,
You will quickly find they turn to sand in your mouth.
Never shall they quench your thirst, for they hold no sustenance,
Never will they satisfy your lust, for they know nothing of pleasing a king.
They are not a queen that rules kingdoms beneath the radiant light of the sun,
But shallow, frivolous maidens that dance naked beneath the stolen light of the moon.
Enchanting, they draw the eyes of men to them, ensnaring them with their spell.
Yet in the sobering light of day their spell will fade.