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a poem.. for my lost love
I reach out for your hand but its gone,
I begin to hear a sad and familiar song.

Tears fall from my eyes and I cry your name,
But you cannot hear me, you do not feel the same.

Memories upon memories flash through my mind,
And I know in my heart, another I will never find.

When our lips use to touch our souls met as well.
Mine, you use to be, but now all I have is a lonely hell.

Though it pained me so, I had to leave you behind,
I had to start a new and follow the path that was mine.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder,
But this theory I now sit and ponder.

Unfortunately, I have found it to be untrue,
For in your absence I have begun to forget you.

Your touch, your laugh, the way you smile with your eyes,
It is a sad yet undeniable fate, we will continue to lead separate lives.

Though you will not be near, in my heart I will always hold you close,
I refuse to let you disappear, to me you will never become a ghost.