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oct 30
ugh... im so annoyed right now... ok.. lets start the vent xD

1) sometimes i just really, really hate technology... like... it's very convenient and everything... but i feel so lonely sometimes because of it
it's nice that we can talk to people from across the world... yet the people sitting right in front of us are too occupied with their laptop and smartphones to even notice their friends, let alone hold a proper conversation... and everyone seems to be so rushed.. "o ya lets talk fast so i can get back to my technology"... we all got so lazy...
this is gonna sound really corny... but i do miss the good old days when you dont get to have a cellphone until you have to move out to university and those selected few who did have phones in high school.. well... they were big, chunky b&w phones and the best game on it was snakes (no apps, no instagram, no twitter)
i remember actually taking time out of the day to meet up and talk... not meet up and tumblr together
i miss those days when we would call each other to plan events.. instead of texting or creating some fb page... like... we actually PLAN and call those who we want to invite... instead of spamming everyone that's on your friends list (even if we dont even talk to some of them anymore)
it's just so sad... do kids these days not feel it...? or maybe im just getting old... hahaha...

2) one of my housemate is really starting to get on my nerves...
people who know me will know that i really hate unnecessary physical contact... but this girl..!! holy crap man... the moment she sees me she's clinging onto my arms, or hugging me... or wants to sit on my lap (she's really really short.. even though she'd actually a year older than me)... but like.. wtf man!
it makes me soooo uncomfortable... i've tried to tell her not to cling onto me like that in the nicest way possible.. but she wont stop! she wont even listen and just continues touching me and im honestly reaching my limit...
it's so distracting talking to her because a) im super uncomfortable with the physical contact and b) i focus on what she's saying if all im thinking about is how to suppress my urge to kick her in the face so she's get the ******** off of me
i know some people will think im just over reacting.. but im really really uncomfortable with it...
and the worst part is... she wont let go once she clings on! like... i'll be in the kitchen cooking.. she'll come and start clinging onto me while im trying to cook! and when im done cooking.. she wont even let go... i just want to eat and watch some shows in peace! but she'll be dragging me to the living room saying things like "i wanna watch you eat" (which i think it's creepy)... and she wanted to feed me (and want me to feed her.. which is also creepy!!)
or i'll need to go to the washroom... she wont let me move...
holy crap man! stop!!!
the way how she's always standing so close to my face and slowly pushing me back to the wall is so scary
one of my friend thinks she's a lesbian.. haha... and im totally fine with gay marriage and stuff but this girl needs to get her hands off and understand im not interested in her!
if you're in love and you want to get married and be together, go ahead! gender shouldnt be a part of the problem. but she's forcing herself onto me and it doesnt matter what gender you are.. that's wrong!
as you can prob guess... i've been trying my best to avoid her hahaha...

yep... hahahaa i feel a lot better now having typed this out... xD
still sick at home cause of pneumonia thou... smilies/icon_sad.gif
i even missed some classes... sigh...