Age: Twenty Seven years old
Race: Elf
Height: Five feet Seven inches
Weight: Aprx. One hundred and fourty pounds
Orientation: Pansexual

Short cut light brown hair, always crossing his forehead, but never in his eyes. Straight. Deep forest green eyes, always attentive and keen on surroundings. Nicely pointed chin with soft cheek bones and oval shaped hair line. Porcelain white skin, unblemished. No scars, burns, or tattoos. Muscled legs and arms, though his torso is flat and not particularly toned. Kind of wiry, like a dancer.

Personality: Pig headed and stubborn. Loud and hot tempered. Genuinely kind and caring. Easy to pick a fight with.

-Bodies of water to swim in. (Lakes, pools, oceans ect. )
-Forests or greenery. (Gardens)
-Night time

-His brother

-Sword Fighting
-Hand to Hand
-Tracking (hunter)

-Simple healing
-Enhanced Agility
-Enhanced Eye sight

Background: Pending...