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The Inner Workings of Onesself
Lots of randomness & meaningful stuff about moi, the one & only Kari-chan.
Finished it up now playing around
Didn't get to the ova season "Queen's Blade Beautiful Fighters", working on it, but i watched the first & second seasons & the first 6 ovas where they're in the Gynos academy lol Complete ecchi fanservice I know, but I want to watch everything. I like all the characters, but of course me being the complete soft-heart falling in love with the most tragic one's available, have fallen head over heals for Queen Aldra. Makes me feel like a complete ***** I don't normally care for lollies, but she's just so goshdarn cute! She grows up to her true age at the end of the second season, but I liked her when she was badassery 12-14 yr old queen as well, sporting the metal d**k looking thing between her legs, with her barely-there outfit. Part demon, part human her earnest love for her younger sibling, societies rejection of what they were, & the evil fallen angel taking advantage of that fact has zipped her to the top of all the admirable ladies as my fav.
I just want to cuddle her, have her be my younger sister, pamper her & tell her everything will be okay while petting her long silvery-pink looking hair. smilies/icon_crying.gif

Just hopes she won't be joining Melpha in her enlightenment training doing 'holy' poses.

Little taste of what's been rolling in my head since I finished the first parts of the show.

I'd only been with her several hours since she woke up in the hospital wing from her 3 day nap recovering from her injuries. I was actually expecting it to be sooner considering her half-demon heritage, after all I'd seen demons recover very quickly when 'they' first were introduced to me. Goddesses and demons, they were all the same to me in these regards, yet the girl sleeping soundly on my lap was just so peaceful, who'd ever think there was a battle raging between god and the devil right now as I sit here thinking about my newest family member to myself.
Aldra, once our former enemy, I'd fallen completely in love with her as an adoptive big sister, was half-human half-demon. I could completely sympathize with her pain at being different. Not only being a princess, but a half-human half lunarian & fully magical one at that.... yeah I'd heard it all, been there done that.
I wanted to protect Aldra forever from such unnecessary cruelty, show her not all humans were bad.
"Chibi-usa oneesama" she'd sigh in her sleep smiling contently. It brought tears to my eyes seeing the person I saved from darkness being so happy.

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