Tsukabu Nosoratori
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My Favorite Marketplace WTF moments...
Today the Bachelor's Credits were selling at 3000 gg each. That's 3k each! I admit I took advantage of that. It helped me break 4 million in my quest towards the Chantilly's Lace in Dernier Cri*!

And Gaia also re-re-re-re-released Flynn's Booty. Are there any of my friends who are tired of the Flynnflation going on because of it and all the GC crap?

I finally voiced my concerns about it in a thread or two in Site Feedback. I bought one once, but I only got 75k out of it, so paying 400k in GG for a 75k 'bonus' wasn't that great of a deal.

At any rate... I'm still gonna work on my quest, selling Bachelor's Credits and playing Switchem like crazy. I really do appreciate anyone who helps me out by either buying the Credits I'm selling, or donating. I keep a list of everyone who helps me in my Quest Thread

Eyup... Maybe in the next week or two I'll finally be nearing the end of my quest, the way things are going, I'll be sporting my first Dernier Cri* item soon!