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http://i452.photobucket.com/albums/qq244/Toru_Uchiha/Teen Titans/083.jpg

    〈Name: Kala Kirigaya 〉
    〈Age: >21<〉
    〈Gender: >female<〉
    〈Location: >America<〉
    〈Weapons/Nickname: rapier Nickname for it: Zero blade. ((Works a lot like a normal sword but the blade is hidden until it makes contact with the target.))

    〈PVP/Character Stats:〉
    〈Vitality: >5<〉
    〈Attack: >5<〉
    〈Defense: >5<〉
    〈Agility: >5<〉
    〈Precision: >5<〉

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    Personal data

    My name in SAO: Akira
    But I respond to: Lightning Princess
    The day I was born: Unknown to anyone but family.
    I'm still this young: 21
    Beauty at it's finest: (Body Build if different then the picture. Such as bigger muscles,thinner waist etc!
    Extras:(In case you want anything different then what is shown in the picture such as eye, hair, skin shade, clothing etc!)
    I work as: freelancer. (works at any job she can get.)
    I waste my time on: fighting
    I am:bi
    On the surface: Tends to keep feeling to herself and is often seem as distant but is actually very kind and caring though has a bit of a hard time showing it and is often seen as a complex person.
    But deep down:Kala moms had a affair with a prince during a spring break and after returning to America Kala was born. Over the years she saw how her mom and others suffered because she was of royal blood. At age 12 she left her mom and everyone behind and started a new life under the name Kala. She quickly made friends who helped her get over her past without actually knowing about it and things where fine until the day her and her friends went to SAO and she was found out and once again the suffering started. though unlike last time she did not run. From that day on she swore no one would suffer around her.
      » sparing
      » fighting
      » cooking
      » Relaxing in the sun or just relaxing

      « player killers
      « being told there is something she can not do
      « being told what to do
      « standing by during a fight
      « people who flaunt there power or abuse it

    Group Data!

    Friend list: (Use there RPCs name not there gaia name!)
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    Relationship: Only allowed one Per RPC!
      « Character Name - Status

    Combat data

    Combat Skills
      « Skill1: double bladed sword: Allows basic directional attacks as well as blocking with the sword. (up, down, left, right and thrust
      « Skill2: multiple slash: Swings the sword none stop at the target using both sides of the sword.
      « Skill3:Blade break: Splits her sword into two half's allowing her to in a sense use duel wielding though she is only using one sword. Down side to doing this is she can not defend herself and must attack none stop. (using this means no weapon until she can buy or find a new sword.)
      « Skill4 Armor break: Allows her to destroy any armor she is wearing to protect herself from one attack. down side is she can not use it unless she is wearing armor.
      « Skill5:
    demon blade: A move much like Multi slash except
      « Weakness1: Not good at handling things that require a lot of thought.
      « Weakness2: While vary hard to fight she lacks self restraint so tires out more often then others.
      « Weakness3: Has a soft spot for weak people or injured so tends to fall for such traps.
      « Weakness4: Because of being solo has trouble with player groups attacking her.
      « Weakness5: due to having no shield tends to get hurt a bit easier.

    My voice is played by: Saeko from high school of the dead.
    Sample of her voice: http://youtu.be/OjO1rO9FYbU
    Theme songs:Demons