Back with my journal! Lol how long has it been since I wrote in my journal? About two weeks? Anyways, last week started off horribly. I usually like Mondays cause they start a new day but my mom just had to ruin it. She kept telling me to brush my teeth when I already did! And I even flossed for her sake! I must've brushed my teeth like a dozen times for her to tell me that I'm clean. That's when we argued with each other about how 'irresponsible' I was and had to obey the elderly. Hello, you just made me brush twelve times for no reason! And yes I do respect the elderly; I pray for my grandma every night ever since she passed away (R.I.P Grandma-love you <3) and help out those who can't control their groceries. Anyways, so yeah, we argued, I stormed out of the house, I ignored her yelling and enjoyed my life at school. Speaking of which, school isn't that bad. I'm getting used to meeting new people and even made arrangements to hang out at this girl's house for study time! The only problem is that this guy in my class is so disgusting. I mean, if you think a pervert is harsh then you haven't even met this guy. I won't even mention when he does cause it's...well, let's just say it's what happens in perverted anime. So I'll be trying to do my journal entries every two weeks since schoolwork is hard and begin a weekly school update thingy for myself. Ciao!