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I don't know who I am I don't know what Im good at,or my character & If I told you I think it'll just be my opinion on me It'll just be lies I can tell you Im awesome when im not so Screw this Judge me,Label me It's part of our nature ShiroJiki on WiiU btw maybe you've seen me >u >

Im the background character :>
My bestfriend & older sister who made me who I am today
•Im on WiiU so responses are slow because all my friends are on Nintendo devices ;u ; Im such a dork
•Im a follower of Christ although my walk has been dead lately
•13 o3o been on here since I was 8 or 9? e.e
•Bout it Im not sure what else to put xD I felt so inspired when I started then once I hit the keyboard it's like... gahhhh writer's block! x.x

Friday Oct 25,2013
•Ima straight up a*****e so if you don't like that I reccomend you leave why you still have the chance emotion_smilies/icon_dowant.png
•Call me ShiroJiki,Jiki,Shiro(My buddies on WiiU call me ShiroD:‹),Bani,Runt,etc. So Call me maybe♪ emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif
•Im loved/understood by VERY few people
They say the comedians are really the most miserable people on earth (: shizzle's true
•Im a follower of Christ without him I would be dead by now probably would've been shot or I could've done the honors =w=
•Well you probably read somewhere around the web that I keep updated on here where im currently located at (Im such a gypsy =ω= )Im currently here ;D you stalker (:<
☆Anything else Why do you care GOOGLE IT