Aura Wintergreen
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Figuring Out My Dreams
I have been having a lot of weird dreams lately and I think now I have partially figured out what my subconscious is trying to tell me
These dreams have been set back in high school and at first one of my friends, K.M was in the them. In these first few dreams, a new girl came to our school and K.M befriended her, this girl didn't like me for whatever reason and started pulling K.M away from me. (This had happened irl) K.M also changed herself to fit in more with this new girl.

K.M told me in the most previous dream that I had to give this girl a chance, (which I always tried to do) but I said to her that I had and she can't lecture me on that because she didn't like my friend T.M at first but eventually she warmed to her. I was also thinking that like this new girl, K.M never defended or stood up for me when T.S (a friend of K.M's but not mine) bullied me.

This was telling me that K.M had always changed herself to fit in with whomever she was befriending whereas I would always just be myself and most would prefer K.M over me (with the exception of T.M) and that despite what I may have felt or thought, K.M was not a true friend but T.M was and is.