My original post:

You've got to take it seriously.
The people that are willing to make a mockery of it are being too serious about it being a joke.
They joke too seriously.
I'm seriously joking here.

[Insert those who take outside communication more seriously than those who are not considered friends on the internet.]
[Insert the counter argument that a real life friend is here.]
[Insert not taking their mule seriously.]
[Insert the real life people that might be a mule of a depressed friend.]
[Insert your own tragedy by killing your friendship.]
[Insert the acknowledge.]
[Insert the acknowledge.]
No one matters to no one on the internet.
If in fact what wasn't been made, you take the will power of those fighting for survival.

Take what you will, for even if you're understanding of what doesn't float, doesn't mean it sank.

You shouldn't even say you don't take it seriously if you have over 1000 posts in this one forum here. That's a seriously bad obsession with this site you have there. It's serious.

That's one serious obsession over joking about it. You made a serious commitment to not being serious with your arguments. What if you made a serious decision?