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Lost Reflections
Rambling about stuff that may or may not interest you... Fangirling about musicians that may or may not interest you... There's a Sci-Fi story buried in here somewhere... Look for it if you want...
Why I love Cheap Trick - 26
As it turns out, a lot of these photos center around Robin Zander. I love that man! He can still sing. It's almost like he has lost nothing on his voice. Just one listen to The Latest can tell you that. Now, I know what color his eyes are - brown, and a beautiful shade at that. What would be interesting is if Tom does have green eyes, then, the members of my two favorite bands would all have the same eye colors. The members of Duran Duran - Simon Le Bon (Singer) has blue eyes, Roger Taylor (drums) and John Taylor (Bass) both have brown eyes, and Nick Rhodes (Keyboards) has green eyes. Same goes for Cheap Trick, assuming Tommy has green eyes. Rick Nielsen has blue eyes, Bun E. Carlos and Robin Zander have brown eyes, and Tom has green eyes (I guess).

Playlist- [my favorite songs of theirs, because I'm in that kind of mood and this will be the last post for tonight, as I have put off doing homework long enough - Don't worry, I get out of school early tomorrow, so there will be more Cheap Trick coming then.]

"Taxman, Mr. Thief" (1977)
"Busted" (1990)
"Borderline" (1983)
"Heaven Tonight" (1978) - Perfect Halloween song. "You can never come down..."
"All We Need is a Dream" (1988)
"Anytime" (1997)

Rock Show Magazine #1

Rock Show Magazine #2 (Okay, well I'm sure with how popular they are in Japan, they were probably on more covers that just two. That's all I have. So sue me)

Thumbs up for you. smilies/icon_whee.gif

Still don't know what Tom's doing.

Oh gosh, Robin is so happy here. smilies/icon_blaugh.gif

Ain't that the truth?

Good Lord, what is so funny you guys?

I love Robin's stoic expression. Tom's like, "Don't drop the guitar, man."

Cheap Trick logo, Y U gotta cover Robin's beautiful face? Tom looks adorable back there.

Rocking out on Jay Leno.

Robin in a sleeveless shirt. Wow. Well, almost sleeveless.

And now he's shirtless. smilies/icon_whee.gif

Ah, the love.

Now, this is a sweet picture.

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