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I bolted through the doors, nearly knocking over some sevie, stopping abruptly in mrs. H'(my spanish teacher)'s classroom. With my absurdly large drawing pad. Ambition flooded through my eyes "So its only a sketch but what do you think?" She eyed the pitiful drawing as if she were an art critic. "I love it" her face lit up "Day of the dead?" "yeah," I frowned at it mocking every missed detail. "oh!" I looked up "I have a strange request" "Yes?" mrs. H smiled "Can I keep my art pad in your room?" "Oh, absolutely!!!" "Thank you so much!!" I breathed, bolting out the door down two halls into my science class. "YEAH!!!! I made it!" then Miranda in the back shouted profoundly, "F*cking freak!"smilies/icon_eek.gif