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like a diary but not really
I like to think I tried my best
worst dream ever, plus some talking
Lately dreaming as been a b***h. Most of the time I don't know if whether of not its a dream. And controlling it? Out of the question. See.. I would like to, but I don't remember how. Often at times, after I wake up and all, I tell someone of my dream. If I'm lucky to remember and its not embarrassing. But, see, I had this one dream, where I telling someone my dream. I was seeing them, and talking, and they were responding. And it felt so real until I woke up, realizing it was a dream. But I guess there were signs it was a dream?

And so I just woke up from a horrible dream. tw: cat dies (not my cat).

...:: Dream Start ::...

There was this cat. And he was killing people. Around the end of the dream he has killed, to my recollection anyways, 3 people. Only I knew his secret, and he let me live. Not without hurting me a bit, you know, if so I wont talk or nothing. He was a black cat, female perhaps (using male pronouns, oops), with yellow-ish eyes. He (still doing it) also liked rhubarb pie. But the thing was, I like coconut cream pie (not my favorite, but it was in the dream). And when I asked for Rhubarb pie, instead of the coconut cream, people started to get suspicious. He was siding at the back of a house, and it was winter. I knew I had to confronted the cat. He had his guard down around me, because I think he thought he could trust me. To tell the truth, he could have.. he could have gotten away with it. But my family was in danger.. so I couldn't rick anything. And with a knife, I had killed this cat. Right there in the snow. Someone had just walked out of the house.. but they didn't say anything. But they seemed delighted. Perhaps they knew the cat was evil, too?
...:: Dream End ::...

Yeah, then I woke up feeling p shitty. Only because that was really messed up.

My last dream had Nepeta/Kankri on a ship. That was p random.

Before when I had a dream, I would easily do something about it. If something bad happened, I would, in a sense, go back in time, and do it over again with a happier ending. Mostly it was just a relive of it, though.. but each time, it felt right. Like, I'm not only helping myself by going back and fixing, but for other around as well. But its not time travel. Because at any time, I could go back. Say, something bad happens in my first dream, and then I continue to have a bunch of other dreams and it goes on a tangent, and I realize I knew something I didn't know before. And I end up back in my old dream and I fix it. And everything else would still be the same. Then again, I'm not really sure.. I mean, if something goes right and I fix, it usually continues off form there and ends differently.

But its different now. I think about this stuff a lot. Not my idea, it just comes to mind.

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commentCommented on: Tue Nov 19, 2013 @ 10:45am
Wow, that sucks, I never a dream I can remeber. I always forget!

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