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I had a vision last night..
I was high and listening to a favorite of mine, Tomita - Planets
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It's like classical music but aliens wrote it.
Any way, I was listening to a part in the album and I started to look inward, and suddenly my perspectives changed. I was some where else.
In the vision i saw the Appalachian Trail, and two beings. It's hard to explain exactly what i saw, the images were blurry and moving really fast.
There were two entities, one black and one white, and they were battling eachother,
and then a voice began speaking to me,
It told me I have forces raging within myself. Right now the darkness is winning, as i am feeding it all the hate and pain and depression i can, Idon't mean to, its just how i am. The white one is weak.
It told me that I have a choice, by the end of the trail, which ever i feed more will win,
and by the end, the victor will shape me in ways i can not undo.
I have to feed the light, I have to make myself feel better about things, because if i can't by the end of this upcoming trial.
I will be doomed.
Perhaps that was all just crazy imagination from being stoned, but i think it really meant something and was real, my gut tells me it is, and its usually spot on.

I also feel like, there is something wrong with me. something buried deep within, in my core, is shaken and falling apart. It hasn't fully registered with me but i can feel my foundations have been shifted. I think I'm on the brink and I hardly realize it.