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Name: Hiroka Yasui
Age: 19
Birthday: April 17th
Gender: Female
Race: Royal Elf (has magical powers)
Occupation: Unemployed freeloader
Height: 5’6,1” (approx 168 cm)
Weight: 121,3 lbs (approx 55 kg)

Likes: To make new friends, boys, reading books and gaming (regular & online), animals especially the fluffy ones, light and spring/summer

Dislikes: Wars and fighting, people and creatures dying, being a princess

Background story & relations: She’s one of the few elf left from her tribe after many perished in a great war between light and darkness a few hundred years ago. So now Hiroka lives in the human world, meeting new people and trying to figure out what’s so great with humans and the meaning of life. She's actually also the Princess off the magical elf whom were all born with special powers, though it's something she prefers to hide.

She happened upon Shane McCallister when he was in the middle of doing his job. And since her biggest dislikes is seeing things die and having the traumatic memories of seeing her people die inform off her as well. She rushed to hinder him. And in the midst of his anger he tried to kill her even though killing females is against his code.

When Hiroka was being threatened to be killed by Shane, Hiro stepped in to calm down the situation. Since then, Hiroka has been glued to Hiro, seeing him as her pure sweet savior. Little to her surprise is that Hiro is actually part of the darkness she hates so much.

Astrid is her guardian angel. They have an obvious older-younger sister relationship. Hiroka doesn't usually think ill of people but sometimes, Astrid can really get on her nerve and butts in where she really shouldn't. Even thought she knows she's only looking out for her. But people has to learn from their mistakes so it's really annoying how she 99% of the time, hinders her from making them.

Personality & traits: Happy, positive, energetic and wants to see good in every living thing.
Despite her looks, she's very good at cooking, art and she has a secret power to makes things grow as well as talking to animals.

Tektek Versions
Everyday wear

Princess outfit in the elfish kingdom
**she hardly ever wears this anymore

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