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Notes and Scribbles~
All the things I'd like to write. Feel free to read anytime, and I try to update when I can~ though sometimes I'll have more or less to say, but that's okay isn't it?
well... ouch. > n <
I got injured today TT^TT -cries- D;
Cuz during pe, when we were dismissed, I was running to the locker room like usual, but then I accidentally like bumped into someone and fell and scraped both my knees. TT^TT I landed on my right knee first and harder I think cuz I was actually bleeding a bit from it. D: My best friend's "uncle" was the one I bumped into and tripped over. Cuz she was like "Oh no! Uncle Billy (which isnt even his real name lol) tripped my best friend!"

Well anyways, I got a bandage over it afterwards (thankfully). But it kinda hurt to walk for the rest of the day or like sit down and stand up. D; Cuz its my knees, and knees bend when you sit, stand, kneel, or walk. So it hurt kinda often. T^T
Hope it'll get better. D;

On the bright side... ppl shared a lot of candy with each other today. So I got some Skittles from two ppl. ; w ; Lol and I might buy candy from ppl tomorrow too cuz they have to sell candy to fundraise for avid or whatever. XD

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commentCommented on: Thu Oct 24, 2013 @ 04:20am
lucky sushi... but I did bought a box of chocolate today in costco. XD

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