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Lost Reflections
Rambling about stuff that may or may not interest you... Fangirling about musicians that may or may not interest you... There's a Sci-Fi story buried in here somewhere... Look for it if you want...
Why I love Cheap Trick - 20
So, now we head onto the end of the 90s. This was around the time that they recorded a little song called "Out in the Street", which has otherwise come to be known as "That 70s Song". Yes, for those who did not know, Cheap Trick performed the theme song, which was actually a cover of the song by a band called Big Star. I have always wondered what Alex Chilton thought of the cover. I love the video the guys did, too. It was kind of funny. They were all on the set of the show, rocking out. Surprised Red didn't come down the stairs, all like, "Turn that down or I'll put my foot up your a**!" or something. Nah, he'd never say that to Cheap Trick.


"If You Want My Love" (1982)
"Take me to the Top: (1986) - Oh my god, Robin sounds like Jon Anderson here (at the beginning, anyway))
"Surrender[Outtake]" (1977) - With the original WACS lyric and very raw sounding.
"Oh Caroline" (1977)
"When You Need Someone" (1990)

You can never have too much of the Dream Police.

Protective of the guitar, huh?

I love all these Japanese photos!

Tommy [from the "Dream Police" video] - "I swear I didn't do it. But, if I did do it, it was an accident."

Molly Hatchet, baby!

Rocking at the Moondance Jam 2013.

With Blondie.

A somewhat recent photo of Bun E. Carlos.

Rick's like, "MONEY!"

Next Position Please - great album (even though Tommy wasn't a part of it...) And might I ask, why is Jon Brant holding "Uncle d**k"?

The almighty Zander.

So, supposedly, this was from a magazine in the late 80s, advertising Cheap Trick with a *new* bass player. Look who it is!

Bun E.'s probably thinking, "Don't drop the cigarette, please." If it fell, there was no bending over to get it.

Rick Nielsen - Guitar God.

Tom Petersson - Caught in the rain and still looks good. Also, inventor of the 12 string bass. And the best bass player ever.

From the taping of "That Metal Show" in 2011.

Let's see...we have Zander, T.Petersson, and ... Ventura... Can I tackle number 9? smilies/icon_wink.gif

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