Madam Kiss
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I just read my journal.
I mean. I actually did. That entry about me I was.. wow.. stunned!
A lot has changed since then! No wonder though, it was years ago.
My dad actually did get me a brother, and a sister too, however what I did was realize I'm not too good with kids! smilies/icon_smile.gif
My fish died.. I got a rat too, but it died as well. My mum sent the collie to countryside and got a boyfriend, we don't get on too well. Nothing's ever perfect.
Actually, a lot more has changed especially concerning the last part.
I'm not into Bieber as much as I was... Honestly, I don't even listen to him anymore or anything. All I know is that he, as the kid who said tattoos aren't good, has got a lot of them. Couldn't even stand his ground. smilies/icon_lol.gif
I do have someone I like though and I plan on going to meet him asap, be it this December or... I hope December works out.. if not then later.
I'm on my last year of school so very busy looking for a university and means to pay for it. I have decided to study in a country that offers higher education free of charge, even though I'll HAVE to take a student loan to pay for housing and food and university stuff at least for the first month, but I hope I'll be alright handling it. Really don't want to take a loan though.
I'm quite interested in the Multimedia Design and Communication programme, so if you know anything about it, tell me!!! smilies/icon_razz.gif
I also tried bleaching my hair because my friend "L" wanted me to. Got an ombre hairstyle.
Talking about friends.. this is sad, but seems like me and my best friends have grown apart. Ever since we weren't in the same school anymore. Seems like what has stimulated this is the fact that I don't go clubbing and drinking. All my tries to spark a conversation have failed and "L" even told me I'm a bad friend not being able to go help her at school when she wants it.. the next day. I really don't know what to think. I guess all good things come to an end.
I switched schools.. Twice.. wait three times. Got really nice classmates now, and the teachers as well. They made me sing the Cup Song in front of all the teachers on Teachers Day. I felt so scared it might go wrong but thanks God, nothing did. smilies/icon_smile.gif
I also got a job and my bottom wisdom teeth removed! Played a bit of WoW until Panda came out, but haven't really had any time to play any computer games recently though.
I'm thankful to WoW for bringing me and my baby together. I love that guy to pieces!