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Shadow Lord Kyouya Wrote:

The Edible Sock Wrote:
Adrian tilted his head up a bit as he heard his name called. The voice was a familiar voice. After making sure he knew the voice, the blurry eyed red head nodded a bit. "Hm?" He was a bit confused on what was going on. He finally found a seat nearby and sat down. He smiled softly, and directed his attention to Kyouya. "Yes?"

Let no one say the third son of the Ootori family was not observant. Though he'd only met the other boy twice, he did notice the lack of glasses, and the more hesitant motions. Ah. He's myopic, same as me. Wonder what happened to his glasses? ... Wonder what his prescription is, too.

Kyouya tucked the black notebook under his arm and came to sit across from Adrian, close enough that he was at least a more-readable blur. "I'm glad you decided to join us for the train trip last weekend. It was good to have you, and I hope you got the chance to meet a few more people," he said pleasantly.

He opened the black notebook to a page lined with figures. "That said, I was reviewing our accounts, and you don't seem to have had quite enough points to cover the cost of the trip." That was an understatement. He waited, letting the full implications reach the other boy.

Adrian smiled as Kyouya sat down across from him. at least he could see him roughly now to at least make out some facial features.Right before kyouya started talking, Adrian undid his ponytail and readjusted it so it wouldn't leave too many stray hairs. He got a bit comfortable as he began to pay attention to the conversation.
He sighed and rubbed his forehead at the very fact of talking about the train trip. He had a few good memories there, but his actions had been far beyond his normal behavior. He really had no idea why he snuck on and

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