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Book of Nero
This is my journal. I am Nero! c:
Okay Awesome
Alright! >=O
this is what i'm doing. i'm going to make a list of many things i like and many things i dislike! if i leave something off of either list, it's because i forgot it. both lists will not contain EVERYTHING i like and dislike, because that would take nine hundred years. also, if you don't plan to read all of it, at least read my like list, which is after the dislike list! =P i'll do the dislike list first- and these are in random order

Random stuff disliked by MoonSnowMouse >=[

1) Axl Rose
2) Courtney Love
3) Lil Wayne
4) celery
5) slugs >=l
6) Nickelback
7) alot of people
8 ) Canada
9) Naruto video games, they all suck, stick to the anime
10) Gantz, that was the stupidest anime i have ever watched in my life
11) all this mainstream garbage everyone loves so much. Nicki Minaj is a prime example, stuff like Harlem Shake, and Drake, and Miley Cyrus... but Gangnam Style was fun :3
12) heat and hot days
13) when people read my journal but they don't comment. tons of views, few comments. get on my level, people >=0
14) Facebook. i hate Facebook with a passion, i was going to use Facebook as a way to bring attention to my published book, and I WASTED THREE HOURS OF MY LIFE TRYING TO VERIFY MY ACCOUNT BECAUSE I SENT FRIEND REQUESTS TO PEOPLE I DIDN'T KNOW! And i didn't even get to name my account something awesome...
15) Skydoesminecraft. What a loser. Roosterteeth all the way >=o
16) mean people. stop! D=
17) simple minded people
18 ) my own insomnia. i'm sleepy, even now...
19) the misconception between people who are psychotic, and people who are psychopathic. psychopathy is being without emotions, not someone who randomly goes around massacring baby llamas and screaming swears at defenseless penguins >=[
20) Rage. that game sucked and was boring.
21) Far Cry 2. that game sucks and is boring.
22) when a girl says something flirty to you, and you're not at all interested, and she sics her snippy little friends on you and watches from afar TT~ TT
23) when girls call you a jerk for not being as enthused about them talking to you as they are
24) when i swear to myself to keep my room tidy from now on, and secret monsters come out of my closet when i'm not around and make a mess.
25) humidity
26) losing a slap bet =.=
27) when you use a funny line from a movie that everyone has seen, and you look like an idiot now... >.>
28 ) when you see a spider in your room, but it disappears... then you have to sleep on the couch...
29) when an anime i love ends... D'=
30) when idiots make memes...
31) arguing with people... >n>
32) when my headphones get unplugged or fall out of my ears while i'm trying to exercise...
33) when my cat loves me for petting her, and then randomly attacks my hand, biting me, then walking away angry...

that's all i've got for now =0
now for things i like! stuff MoonSnowMouse likes alot :3

1) Pokemon
2) anime
3) manga
4) binge watching all my favorite t.v shows and anime late at night when i can't sleep, while playing Pokemon
5) my dog <3
6) Nintendo!
7) Halo series >=o
8 ) going to the beach
9) going to the beach at night :3
10) walking through a black forest at night, and bringing up my late night walks in conversation, only to have random people tell me how brave i am! >=O
11) ice cream =P
12) that moment when i think of the perfect nickname for a Pokemon i am breeding
13) fun. fun is my favorite thing =O
14) dark, cloudy days... =P
15) cold weather! freeeeezing cold chilliness, snow, ice, winter... :3
16) cute girls are made cuter by British and Russian accents ='P
17) rain
18 ) candy, nom nom nom >=o
19) dogs of all kind =P
20) approaching strangers in strange manners, and seeing whether they're awesome or not.
21) awesome strangers ;w; <3
22) awesome people :3
23) cute people :3
24) classy people! >=O
25) people who unique ^^
26) people who are kind ^^
27) writing >=o
28 ) dark things 0.0
29) bright, cheerful, and colorful things ^^
30) waterfalls! 0^0
31) water =P
32) the ocean
33) good girls ^^
34) awesome girls >=P
35) fun girls =P
36) making a list of things you like to remind you how awesome life is ;w;
37) long night walks :3
38 ) .... myself... 0.0 <3
39) long sleeved shirts ^^
40) wearing shorts all year long 0.0
41) being awesome >=o
42) good movies ^^
43) the solo in Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend
44) being me! >=o

i could go on and on and on! =o
i'm done, though... i think i did okay! =D thank you for reading, everyone! =O

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Oct 14, 2013 @ 10:37pm

Now feel special and do the hula in shorts ;p On a side note: omg-some-else-who-doesn't-like-facebook-i-didn't-think-they-exist!

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