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Working late
It's a little difficult, working on a page that doesn't use the CSS of the website you're on. This is that case, right now. I'm on a PC at work, and the machine don't utilize a lot of the styles, templates, java, and scripting that the design team at Gaia put in to make the site look the way it does. To me, I see a lot of empty space, plain blue links, the text area for my journal entry, and my avatar image. I can manage, but it's a little annoying knowing that there's a lot of flair missing, at the moment.

Looking back on my previous decisions tonight, I should've done a little more planning on how I'll be making it through tonight. I fell asleep a little late last night, since I was doing some necessary reading. Well, not exactly necessary, but it seems that every time I start to read The Wheel of Time series, I stop most of the way through. Only thing is, I'm just about done with book 5, and I've got another 8 that I need to finish. I'm not even half-way, this time. I needed to get some reading done, and in that sense it was "necessary reading".

So, I fell asleep late, had to get up fairly early, got to work and crashed in my office for a few hours. That was actually pretty nice. The only good thing about being at work on the weekend is that I can sleep in the shop without having any consequences. In fact, if you have a late shift, it's encouraged. I like it. It's nice, secluded, quiet, and only... 3 people - myself included - have access to it, tonight. It was nice. Had a strange dream, though.

After the early-day nap, I pretty much stayed awake for the rest of the day, watching the Travel Channel. They were airing a lot of shows about food - glorious, glorious food. Oh, man was I hungry. I mean mouth-watering, lip-smacking, stomach-grumbling, "I-wanna-eat-the-TV" kind of hungry. It was pretty bad, and it didn't help that lunch was of such great cuisine, Gordon Ramsey would be having nightmares at the thought of it.

Fast-forward a few hours, and it brings me to heading down out of the office and watching some more Travel in the lounge. Ghost Adventures was airing back-to-back-to-back episodes, and I love that show. Makes me wish there was a TV here, so I can watch it while on shift. I can't even get reception on my phone, either. It's almost like I'm disconnected from everything. I can still use the internet - obviously - but it's so locked down, I'm impressed that I can get here without running into an issue.

I didn't eat dinner, either. So, I'll be dealing with even more hunger later on the shift. I should be able to stave it off, at least until the morning when I can get some breakfast. And, with the first yawn on the night, I know it will be a long wait until that actually happens. I've got another three hours of standing here, doing practically nothing. I mean, there's only so much you can do on a computer. I should've brought my Kindle, in hindsight.

I'm curious as to how Miss Chow is doing... I'll drop her a line, and see how things are for her. I really do miss her. A lot...