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I am not Pregnant. Please.
Dear whoever that is in control of our lives and the world,

Please do not make me pregnant. Please let my period come soon.
I beg of you.

Thank you.


When Mr. Microsoft and I discussed my late period, he promised me that everything will be okay, and if I am pregnant, baby or no baby, he will propose to me. Seems like I am living every teenage mom's dream here right?
Well not exactly for me. Despite how much I hate going to school and how much I anticipate to start my own family, I just simply cannot let go of my present state.

I am not ready.

Also, if I am pregnant...what am I going to do? Abortion? Can I really live with the decision of killing my baby for the rest of my life? But if I don't, I'd be ruining my future...and Mr. Microsoft's. I really do would love to marry him, but not this way, when it seems so forced. I just can't do that to him... and to myself.