A young blonde girl lay on her bed, her green eyes closed. She sighed, closing her eyes to cry softly as she heard her father yelling like an ignoramus. It was like this everyday...her father screamed, yelled, antagonized them all. 'Mom, how do you put up with him...' She thought to herself so often.
Her mother knew she hated him, but she knew her mother loved him, but she would never truly understand why. Her phone lit up. "My love..." She spoke softly with a smile as she picked her phone up. "Goodnight, my dear." She read.
She blushed even deeper and responded, "Goodnight, my sweet.", and drifted off into dreams of running away, running away with him. As she awoke, she texted him till he had to leave. She did what she did everyday. She went to school, talked to friends, talked to him all day, dealt with her father, cried because of her father, tell her mother how much she hated him. Every single day.
"I wanna run away..." She told her love on the phone, crying softly. "Mary, if you run away I'll probably never be able to speak to you again. Your phone will die eventually, you know." He told her. "...Then lets run away together..." She said, choking on tears. "Just you and I with nobody else..." She told him, forgetting about reality.
He chuckled. "We'd both have to travel thousands of miles on foot just to see each other, how would we even survive?" He was a New Yorker, she was a Texan, you should understand the relationship by now. "What if we were caught by our parents? We'd be torn apart." He told her. "Speaking of parents..." Mary said as she heard her father coming up the stairs. "I love you...we will be together one day, I promise..." She told him, no sign of doubt in her voice what so ever.
She hung up the phone and went to sleep, humming their song softly, smiling to herself. Time passed, their love grew....it grew so much. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months,...years passed. Mary Stood there, her hair once again curly and down to her back.
She stood under a tree at the park...in Long Island City. Fishnets hugged her legs, her three rings she wore as a child graced her fingers, and the blue stone necklace she and Colin both wore dangled from her neck. Her body was covered with a short, mint sundress.
Mary swallowed hard, her heart stooping. There he was...Colin walked up to her, wearing black sneakers, a turquoise T-Shirt, and shorts. Mary, preparing for him to tackle her, instead watched him walk towards her calmly, as if they had met in person before, as if this was normal. Mary expected a hug and a simple kiss....but she never saw this coming....
Slowly, the love of her life dropped onto one knee and pulled a ring box out of his pocket, holding it up, and opening it. "...Mary Conley..." He said, looking up at her, crying softly. Mary's hands covered her mouth in shock.

And then he said it...."Let's run away together..."