I had a long, random dream last night. But amongst the various episodes of dreams, I had a dream that stood out. In my old room, in my old bed, there laid a girl I had no relation to. She was sleeping on her side, facing away from the wall. Right in the middle of this slightly spacious one-person bed. I was in the kitchen, for whatever reason, as it's connected to my old room. It was time for me to go to sleep, but I can't remember if it was a surprise, or expected, to find that girl in, well, my bed.

I sat down, by the front of the bed, and I looked at her sleeping face. She was radiating an aura of charm. Slowly, moving in closer. I wanted to kiss her. On her cheek, on her forehead, on her lips, anywhere I could express my adoration for her. It was something I felt I needed to do, but something I can't do. It wouldn't be my place to do so.

Against my better judgment, I crawled into bed, beside her. Coincidentally she moved her arm, that she wasn't sleeping on, around me, and leaned into me, comfortably it seemed. Internally shocked at first by the development, I quickly settled in. It was the best place to be. I hadn't intended to go to sleep, but laying next to her was the warmest, most comfortable place I've been in a long time, if ever.

And so, I fell asleep with her. And in the next 15 or 20 minutes, I awoke, asking myself if I had drifted off to sleep. I became too comfortable in the arms of this girl I couldn't be with. But a little taste of everything I ever wanted was enough, and brought me back to my senses. I gently wiggled out of her grasp, and out of bed. I took a last look at her sleeping figure. And then I went away.