so Neshia put a pic on fb and captioned it "muy muy GUAPA!"
and then this is the convo between her and TJ:

TJ - lol fea naw jk
Neshia - ***** hush, you know I dont like your ahh lol
T - la muchaha es negro Baja y blusa negra
N - El es calvo, feo, bajo, no es guapo, Y gordo.
T - No es
T - No es timoteo
N - You just said youre no timoteo, boy you dumb
T - yu dead
T - No speaka any ingles
T - y tu ?
N - El stupido
T - yu ? siii muy el stupido lol
N - Get off my pic

and that's it but i thought it was so funny both of them trying to use spanish to insult each other and cant even do it right xD