I'm losing my touch by not drawing in such a long length in time, so I've decided to open an art shop!

Not first come, first serve.
Only taking 2 slots at a time because of work and promised freebies to be done.

Taking offers: Not now
Will start on them: Tuesday, October 15

Samples: Page

Things you should know:
There is no set price, it's a pay whatever you want.
I'll quote you if I choose to draw for you.
I am only drawing chibis.
Couples require a big bribe.
You MUST fill out a form.
*if 'applications' are handed in, and it's not in the formate of the form that is provided, I will not look at it. (This is just to see who is actually reading/listening to me.)

Will not do:
Overly cluttered/complicated avatars
*will add to when more come to mind

[img]http://s.cdn.gaiaonline.com/images/thumbnails/c888f87ad755.png[/img][size=18] [b][color=indigo]I'd like to be drawn please![/color][/size] [/b]
[quote="Spasmical"] I like sheeps! [/quote]
Reference: [can be more than one if you're specific]
Other notes: