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At The Beginning

Insanity! One word that I truly love hearing. A world full of insane people would certainly make the world a much more colorful place.

Charles Darwin was insane with his immense love for observing things. Cleopatra was insane with her obsession for power and The Wright Brothers were insane with their supreme dedication to movement. Without insanity, these classical figure would not have been able to do tremendous things such as revitalizing air transportation and the creation of theories.

Imagine a place where everyone is insane. WAHAHAHA! Such a nice laugh! Insanity is such an amazing thing smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif

I know what other people might think... Retarded people...
I didn't mean that retarded. I meant the the tipping point of both ingenuity and stupidity. That is what I mean by insanity.

I wanted to start my journal like this. I wanted to specifically say that my journal will be INSANE. Either it will be Insanely stupid or insanely kinda smart.

Stupidity and ingenuity occupy the opposite side of the same coin. I'll take that coin, make it flip and we'll see how the next journal goes smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif.
Be Insane! It's more fun!