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Name: Bailey Reinstat
Age: 20
Weight: 130
Height: 5'0"
Race: Human
Bio: Bailey grew up under the thumb of her frigid aunt and in the arms of Lilith the succubus. She attended public school for a number of years where she met Kara. After an incident involving Kara and a pack of werewolves, Candice Reinstat moved Bailey to an old mansion packed with magical artifacts and books from doorstep to doorstep without warning or choice. After she had finished her initial seething, Bailey began to explore the libraries further and add to her knowledge of the supernatural. Once Lilith was transferred to her power, Bailey had the firepower to start helping out the nearby humans steeped in magical trouble.
Appearance: Long blond hair tied back into a loose ponytail at the base of her neck, short stature, peachy complexion and hazel eyes. Bailey wears comfortable, loose clothing and occasionally wears an apron or fanny pack when working.