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Name: Akira Lyonhart
Age: 17
Weight: 110
Height: 5'4"
Race: Shadow Warrior/Light Novice
Bio: Akira was raised in the violent environment until she was saved/kidnapped by Misa the shadow warrior. She was brought into the castle as a princess, but her alternate personality Akuma, who was born to protect her fragile young mind, took over the responsibilities and lessons. Following an attack on Misa's life by an urchin much like herself, Akira reluctantly used her soul casting technique to put herself into the comatose body of her assailant and let Akuma rule when the king died and Misa refused the position of power.
Appearance: She is a slender redheaded young woman as her body's history is much like her originals-malnourished and abused. Neither had the resources they needed to grow to optimal size. Her eyes are forest green, laced with ever-changing edges of blue. Her skin is fair and freckled.