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A Daydreamer's Diary
Welcome to the world of me
H E A T: Part 1
"I'm serious, Charles. If your mother comes over here ONE more ******** time, and tries to tell me how to be the 'proper wife' I'm going to punch her so hard that-"

"Jackie. Cupcake. Chill. Alright?"

I sighed as I finished putting lotion on my legs. I knew Charles was right. I did need to calm down. But from the time that I'd woken up, my day had been utterly and completely...well, STRESSFUL.

I had assumed though, that once Charles got home and once I took a long, hot bubble bath, that I'd feel at least a LITTLE better. But every single time I felt myself relax, Charles' mother's irritating voice popped into my head, and I'd get riled up all over again.

My husband could see that much. Which is why, when I suddenly felt the bed dip slightly behind me, and his hands on my shoulders shortly after, I wasn't surprised.

"You're GOING to relax, even if it kills you." I feel him whisper against my cheek. And I can't help but smile a little. "Is that even possible? To die from relaxing? Death by relaxation." I said, releasing a little giggle, and he chuckled soon after.

"I don't know," he said in a mischievous voice. "Why don't we find out?" In the next few moments, I was lying down on my stomach, and begrudgingly waiting for Charles' to pamper me.

"You know, this is all wrong." I mutter quietly, my chin resting on my arms that are folded across the pillows. "I'M the one who should be spoiling YOU. You're the one who works outside of the house, all day."

"And yet, I'M not the one who's tense as hell." Charles says in an even, amused tone. I open my mouth to reply, but instead, all that comes out is a sharp gasp that fades into a shivering sigh.

His hands had gently begun to massage my shoulders, and GOD. DAMN. I'd forgotten how good he was at this. I felt every muscle in my body melt under his touch. I was so relaxed in a matter of a few seconds that I barely heard him when he inquired something.

"Hmmm...?" I let out, in reply. When had my eyes closed, exactly? I heard him chuckle, and I felt him lean down so that all I could feel was the undeniable warmth of his body heat.

"I was asking if I could pull your towel down, a little," Charles whispered in my ear, a pleasurable shiver dancing down my spine. "I want to massage lower, but it's in the way."

I was forced to open my eyes at this point. And...after awhile, my mind woke up again. I pondered over the situation, for a moment. This could go one or two ways. I could keep things simple and innocent. This could be just a harmless little massage. But...

"You don't WANT this night to be simple and innocent, DO you~?" A voice purrs inside of my head. It's my voice. But at the same time, it isn't. It's...

"Siren. Shut up. I'm trying to think, here." I mentally mutter out in reply. She only continues to purr. And for a moment, we just consider each other in silence. Then, she says something that completely turns the tides, "You know...Mrs. Gwinji believes that you're not a good wife. So why don't you demonstrate just how 'good' you really are~?"

That does it. That changes everything. My thought process, my mood, my body...My everything. And as I feel myself going to sleep, a playful smile forms on my lips as Siren wakes up and takes control of everything. And just in time too, because my husband is beginning to wonder what's taking me so long to answer his question.

"Jackie?" He says, unsurely. I only smile a little more and say, "Let me turn over."

There are a few moments where I know that he questions this sudden turn of events in his mind, but soon enough, he moves from on top of me and allows me to turn over so that I'm lying on my back.

When he takes his place, hovering above me again, I look up at him, locking my eyes with his. And in his eyes, I see my reflection. The reflection of a woman that has been taken and claimed by utter and complete lust.

And Charles can see it too. I know this, because I see his eyes slowly cloud over. And I hear his hands clench at the sheets on either side of my head.

"Alright..." I purr softly as I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him down...down...down on top of me again.

"You can pull the towel down, now~"


To be continued.

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