Tranquil Fears
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These journals are more for me (the few I've done).

Here I Go,

I'm Sick. Yay... Not. I did call in sick today, which rarely, if ever happens. It started with a scratchy throat and a cough, then it went to my chest. I felt like I had something sitting on my chest, it was so sore and I felt like I was running a marathon sitting down. Then it traveled to my sinus and I had a nasty headache/migraine. I finally crawled out of bed at 11am I think. I'm usually out of bed by 6am.

On another note, I fell off the workout/healthy wagon. I've gained a few extra pounds too. I know, because my asthma is kicking my butt again. I'm attempting to hope back on the wagon, tomorrow. After I've stopped coughing and sneezing every 5 minutes. While in bed this morning I worked on Healthy options for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and dinner. Today, I'm currently drinking black tea with cream and honey and crackers and I regret eating the crackers shortly after eating, but they are staying down. Starting tomorrow, I am going to log my progress here. Hopefully, this will help keep me motivated. And my dog will benefit from it too. He's been getting 10km + walks on weekends, but not much during the week. It gets dark out and I don't feel safe walking in the dark in my neighbourhood. My dog, Zeke, he is intimidating(according to friends and co-workers) but I don't want to have to go through that.

I will write more tomorrow. smilies/icon_smile.gif