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A Daydreamer's Diary
Welcome to the world of me
Things We've Said: 2
J: "You know what's funny? We didn't have enough strength to save ourselves. But we had just enough strength to save each other."


J: "Even though there are things that we regret, even though there are things about the past that we don't like to talk about, I think...everything that happened, happened for good reasons. If certain things wouldn't have happened the way that they did, then maybe you and I might not appreciate each other as much as we do. Maybe our relationship wouldn't be as strong as it is, now."


C: "At that moment I was just like, 'Yeah. I can't do this anymore. She's the only girl for me.' "


C: "There was one time that I remember telling him, 'If you hurt her...if you ******** with her, I'll ******** with you.' "


J: "I think the moment that I realized I loved you, was the moment that I had decided to let you go. At that point, I knew that I had fallen too hard for you, and that was why I told myself that I had to walk away."


C: "You saved me...so many times. And I thank you for that."

J: "You saved me just as many times. I was just returning the favor."


C: "I think, once we get married, we're going to need a lifetime supply of cookie dough."


J: "What is it with you and marshmallows?"

C: "What is it with YOU and cookies?"

J: "Touché."


J: "Tweet tweet!"

C: "What, are you a bird, now? Do I have to catch you with bird seed?"


J: "I think I was a lot like Squall, back then."

C: "Yeah, you were. You so were."


J: "You sound so cute when you first wake up~"

C: "...Shush..."


C: "Hey, Jackie?"

J: "Hmm?"

C: "I love you."


J: "Is there anything 'normal' or 'typical' about us?"

C: "Umm, no."


C: "I'm an idiot. At least YOU'RE sensible."
J: "I wouldn't say I'm sensible. When a person falls in love, they tend to lose their sensibility."


C: "Yes, I call her Cupcake. Is there a problem?"


J: "If I was there, I would probably wake you up with my stuffed animals like mom did for me when I was little. She would take my stuffed animals and give them voices and act like they were waking me up for school."

C: "My mom used to wake me up like that. It annoyed the crap out of me."

J: "Wait...YOUR mom used to wake you up with stuffed animals?"

C: "Yeah."

J: "...Oh my GOD, what UNIVERSE was that?!"

C: *Laughs*

J: "No, I'm serious! You grew up in a parallel universe!"


C: *Talking with a mouthful of marshmallows*

J: "Oh my god. You sound like a creature from Star Wars."


C: "I need to get off my lazy a** and do something."

J: "Well you definitely 'did something' last night~"

C: "...Shush."

J: *Giggles*


J: "Hey, Charles. Guess what?"

C: "What?"

J: "I love you."

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