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A Daydreamer's Diary
Welcome to the world of me
Things We've Said: 1
J: "Outside of my family and a few close family friends, you're the first person that's ever heard me sing. Nobody else has heard me sing."

C: "Not even Jeremy?"

J: "No."


C: "If you could go anywhere in the world...anywhere at all, where would you want to go?"

J: "...Honestly? I...It wouldn't matter. As long as you're there, I'll be happy."


C: "Don't try to be strong for me. If you feel like you need to cry, then no matter what...no matter what I'm dealing with, cry. Alright?"

J: "...Alright..."


C: "I kind of want to ask something, but I know you'll blush and think that it's cute at the same time."

J: "What?"

C: "...What do you think our daughter's name will be?"


C: "I've never felt this way...about ANYONE before. It's like...when I met you, you opened up a totally new life for me."


J: "Calm down, Puppy Boo~"

C: "...I'm not a puppy boo."

J: "You're MY puppy boo."

C: "Well of course I'm YOURS. I've always been yours, but I'm not a puppy boo!"


J: "There were times when I'd have these whole speeches thought out in my head. Like, 'you're a really nice guy and everything, but I really don't think we should take a chance on ruining our friendship and blah, blah, blah.' But it was like...every time I typed it all out...I deleted it. I just couldn't say it."

C: "Why couldn't you?"

J: "I don't know. I don't know why, but I'm glad that I didn't."


C: "I have the worst luck. I think the only GOOD luck that I had, was you."


J: "Babe?"

C: "...Hmm?"

J: "Are you falling asleep?"

C: "...No."

J: "Liar."


J: "I just wish we could run away together. For one day. I just want to be with you."


J: "I think...the good thing about nightmares, if there even IS a good thing, is that when we wake up and we realize that it all wasn't real, we...appreciate each other, more. It draws us closer together."


C: "It...just felt so real..."

J: "But it wasn't real. I'm fine. I'm here. I'm okay...I promise."


J: "I just keep wondering...every time you hang up the phone, I wonder if it's the last time that I'll ever hear from you."

C: "Jackie...I'll be fine. Okay? I promise. I'll be safe, just for you."


J: "Oh my god...you're an idiot."

C: "Really? REALLY? You're just realizing this NOW?"


J: "Charles...CHARLES. Put. Down. The stapler!"


J: "Okay, I know I've said this a thousand times before, but lord help me if we ever have boys..."


C: "Knowing you, you'd probably steal one of my shirts. And I'd fly back home and realize that one of my shirts were gone, and about a week later you'd take a picture or something of yourself while you were wearing it, and you'd send it to me...At that point I would just say, 'Really? Did I really think it was anywhere else but with HER?' "


J: "Nothing you say really surprises me anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if you could somehow turn my phone into a mini transformer."


C: "If my phone actually was a transformer, what do you think it's name would be?"

J: "I dunno...Douchebag-A-tron, or something?"

C: "Oh my god."


C: "When I met you, I had a game plan. I wanted to find out what made you...the way you were."

J: "What made me tick."

C: "Yeah. I mean, the worst case scenario was that I'd fall in love with you. And it ended up happening."


J: "Who would've thought that I would fall in love with 'the Lazy Fisherman' and you'd fall for that crazy girl that cursed you out?"


J: "I wish...I wish we could save our love. Like...Okay, you know how people might go on vacation to an island, or something, and they take sand and seashells and put them in a bottle?"

C: "Mhm."

J: "I wish I could do that with our love. I wish I could take...little pieces of our love and put them in a bottle. I wish I could save those little moments that can't last forever."

C: "I could probably find a way to do that."

J: "You probably could. After all, you made me fall for you. You accomplished the impossible."

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