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A Daydreamer's Diary
Welcome to the world of me
There will never be a title for this.
Because I can't give this...this feeling, this emotion a title.

I suppose I could be generic and call it "love". But that word gets tossed around so often that it, quite frankly, has become completely meaningless.

"I love this," or "I love that."

It is said so often, but has lost it's truth, it's meaning, it's... purity, I guess. So no. I won't even DARE label this feeling as something as simple as love.

My emotions. My feelings for this boy...They burn inside of me. A flame that's so amazingly powerful that I, at times, almost fear that it might literally consume me until nothing is left of my soul but ashes.

It scares me and thrills me at the same time.

Nothing, however, could EVER scare me more than just the mere THOUGHT of losing him. He is, aside from my mother, my LIFE.

A simple, "Hello" from him can revive me. When I hear his voice, I come alive like a dessert in full bloom after a long soothing shower of rain. My heart stops and begins to beat anew when he laughs. My spirit rises so high up that even the moon feels low in comparison whenever he says my name.

I come alive. Because of him...for him, I come alive.

A lock is nothing without it's key. And before I knew of his existence, I was just that. A locked door that hid a world of secrets and possibilities. Possibilities that I didn't even KNOW were possibilities.

There was a life inside of me that I didn't know that I could ever, would ever have. There was a girl within me that had been sleeping for years and years and years.

A happy girl. A joyful girl. A hopeful girl. A girl filled with optimism and wishes and dreams that she BELIEVED could come true. She was always there, sleeping inside of a cold shell that had been hardened by the lies and betrayals of life.

She was always there. Sleeping. Waiting patiently for her sunrise that would awaken her. For the key that would unlock her door. For the reassuring warmth that would encourage her to wriggle free from her cocoon.

And it came. HE came.

And she is...I am...SO thankful that he did.
He has saved me so many times that there isn't even a number high enough to fully count them. So I don't try to count them. I just thank him over and over again. Because I'm not lost anymore.

I have found my way in him.
I have found my hope in him.
I have found my faith in him.
I have found my courage in him.
I have found my strength in him.
I have found the truth in him.
I have found my smile, my laughter,
my joy, my confidence, my self respect, my dreams, my soul, myself, my EVERYTHING...In him.

In Charles Munashe Gwinji.

There are no questions. There are no doubts. There are no labels for this.

And there never will be.

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