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A Daydreamer's Diary
Welcome to the world of me
The Playlist: Chapter 1
Ordinary Day

"Just a day, just an ordinary day.
Just trying to get by.
Just a boy, just an ordinary boy.
But he was looking to the sky." -Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton


She didn't think much of him when she first saw him. Actually, she didn't really think ANYTHING of him. She hadn't really even acknowledged his presence, really. He had just...BEEN there. Just like all of the random strangers that had within a few moments become her temporary teammates.

They didn't speak. They didn't interact. Not at first. Because everything had blended and blurred into one gray and colorless scene. Every sound had faded away into white noise. And she appreciated it.

Because blocking everything and everyone else out helped, just a little. It helped ease the constant sting of trying to get through the day. Of trying to keep herself together. Of trying to forget the bitter memories of a boy who had told her pretty lies.

It helped. Blocking everything out. But then suddenly, very suddenly, her world of gray walls and white noise was intruded. Her daily routine of numbly existing, barely feeling, and never trusting was interrupted (and very rudely, might she add) by HIM.

By that boy who hadn't said a thing to her for almost the entire day. By that boy who had abandoned his teammates during a very DIRE emergency. By that boy that she had yelled at, cursed out and thrown into the very lake that he had been fishing from. By that boy with dark skin and even darker eyes that held the same walls and defenses that her own eyes held.

And she, for the LIFE of her, couldn't understand WHY. Why had he been able to snap her out of her tedious purgatory when nobody else had succeeded in doing so for so very long?

He was annoying, sure. But a lot of people were annoying. And she had learned to ignore said annoying people. And it wasn't as though he had been different than the rest of him.

He wasn't so special.
Wasn't so unique.
And not the least bit extraordinary when compared to everyone else.
Or so she told herself.

But if that was the case...then why did she keep teaming up with him, even after the countless amount of times that he had done something that made her tempted to pull her hair out? Why did she keep responding to his greetings? Why did she answer his questions, tell him her secrets, let him into her little bubble of solitude? Why was it so EASY for him to make smile, to remind her how to laugh, to make her remember that she was, indeed, alive?

Why, she wondered as she lied awake one night, sleep alluding her completely, couldn't she just walk away? It wasn't as if he was anyone special. It wasn't as if he had supernatural powers of some kind. No. No, none of that.

He was just a boy.

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