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Name: Misa Lyonhart
Age: 25
Weight: 130
Height: 5'8"
Race: Shadow Warrior
Bio: Misa grew up on Shadow Isle, adopted into the Lyonhart family at age five when her village was destroyed. Her father, King Desdan, raised her well, teaching her how to become a Shadow Warrior. When she graduated her class and became a true warrior, Misa went out on her own for a bit. It was then that she met Akira. Misa quickly grew attached to the little girl, adopting-almost forcibly-the child soldier into her home and taking care of her and her alternate personality-Akuma.

Appearance: Shadow Warriors all have one single attribute that links them. A single black ring around the iris of their eyes. This is an indicator of their powers. When using the shadows, the black ring grows in towards the pupil, less and less of the iris being seen. When they user is casting full power, their iris is black, so their eye looks like a single black pupil amongst the whiteness of their eyes.